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1) "Universal Mind was not, for there were no Ah-hi to contain it." (Stanza 1.3).
Universal Mind – is the Cosmic Consciousness, the Second Aspect of God, Ah-hi (senzar.) – these are the Souls, Serpents, Dragons of Wisdom, the elementary particles that contain Mind, filled with it.
2) “The Seven Ways to Bliss were not The Great Causes of Misery were not, for there was no one to produce and get ensnared by them.” (Stanza 1.4).
The ultimate goal of the existence of our universe is the union of information and identification of all with all.
All six Plans and all six main types of Souls should be merged together.
Thus the Mahatma – The Great Soul – is born.
And the more of these creatures will be eventually in the Universe, the closer the world would be to the ultimate goal of existence.
Bliss, Nirvana – this is the final outcome of this world.
And each type of Soul is conventionally referred as the Way to Bliss.
The Spirit flows through the Soul, it is the Way.
On the other hand, all the time that the universe is moving towards the ultimate goal, accompanied by the inevitable Suffering of imperfect beings that born in it and die quickly because of their imperfections. That is why these same Seven basic types of Souls have another name – "The great causes of Misery". Experiencing pain, everything in this world is moving towards the perfection.
3) “... for Father, Mother, and Son were once more one, and the Son had not yet awakened for the new Wheel and his Pilgrimage thereon” (Stanza 1.5).
During Mahapralaya there is no the Father (Spirit of Ether) and the Son (Soul). All of this is potentially hidden in the depths of the Matter (the Original Substance).
The Wheel – this is another name for the Soul, the Wheel – it’s the Ether rotating in a circle.
The New Wheel – it’s a symbol of the new Mahamanvantara, manifested through the totality of produced Souls.
“Pilgrimage” of the Son on the Wheel – this is an indication of the period of the next manvantaric existence of our Universe.
4) “The Seven Sublime Lords and the Seven Truths had ceased to be, and the Universe, the Son of Necessity, was immersed in Paranishpanna, to be outbreathed by that which is, and yet is not.” (Stanza 1.6).
The Seven Sublime Lords as well as the Seven Truths – it's the same thing as the Seven Spirits before the Throne of God, or the Seven Sons – seven basic types of elementary particles (Souls). During Mahapralaya they do not exist. There is no Universe in the form in which we are accustomed to contemplate it now.
5) “...Where were the Builders, the Luminous Sons of Manvantaric Dawn? ... In the Unknown Darkness in their Ah-hi Paranishpanna. The Producers of Form from No-Form – the Root of the World – the Devamâtri and Svabhâvat, rested in the Bliss of Non-Being.” (Stanza 2.1).
You probably already guessed that the Builders and the Luminous Sons of Manvantaric Dawn – are the Souls, Building Elements of the Universe.
6) "3. The Hour had not yet struck; the Ray had not yet flashed into the Germ; the Mâtripadma had not yet swollen.
4. Her Heart had not yet opened for the One Ray to enter, thence to fall, as Three into Four, into the Lap of Maya.
5. The Seven were not yet born from the Web of Light. Darkness alone was Father-Mother, Svabhâvat; and Svabhâvat was in Darkness."(Stanza 2.3; 2.4; 2.5).
The Ray – it's the Ray of Light, Spirit, passing through the Souls and animating them.
The Web of Light – it is the Spirit that fills the space.
The Seven – it's all the same seven types of Souls, the Seven Rays.
Three into Four: Three – are the three highest manifestations – Matter, Spirit, Soul; Four – the four Elements - is another classification of Souls.
"Three into Four" means that three higher Aspects of God are manifested through the four elements.
7) "These Two are the Germ, and the Germ is One. The Universe was still concealed in the Divine Thought and the Divine Bosom." (Stanza 2.6).
The Germ – is the manifested Universe, the totality of Building Units, vivified by the Spirit. The universe presents two major types of Souls – Yin and Yang, Matter and Spirit.
8) "Darkness radiates Light, and Light drops one solitary Ray into the Waters, into the Mother-Deep. The Ray shoots through the Virgin Egg, the Ray causes the Eternal Egg to thrill, and drop the non-eternal Germ, which condenses into the World-Egg." (Stanza 3.3).
The non-eternal Germ, like the World-Egg – it’s a symbol of the Manifested Universe.
The Eternal Egg – is the Original Substance itself, the Virgin Mother.
9) "The Three fall into the Four. The Radiant Essence becomes Seven inside, Seven outside. The Luminous Egg, which in itself is Three, curdles and spreads in milk-white Curds throughout the Depths of Mother, the root that grows in the Depths of the Ocean of Life.” (Stanza 3.4).
That is the "Three fall into the Four" we recently discussed.
“The Radiant Essence becomes Seven inside, Seven outside” must also be clear – the emergence in the Space vivified by the Spirit (Light) the Seven major types of Souls. Seven inside, seven outside – Seven Spirits manifest them through seven types of souls.
The Luminous Egg – it is a translation of the word "Hiranyagarbha", the Golden Egg – the visible Universe. Trinity of the Luminous Egg – Three Main Hypostasis represent the Manifested Universe.
The Ocean of Life – is the Ocean of Ether (Spirit).  Its heart is the Root, the Matter.
Milk-white Curds in the Ocean of Life, in the Ocean of Milk – these are the Souls, the Building Units.
10) "…the Radiant Child of the Two, the unparalleled refulgent Glory- Bright Space, Son of Dark Space, who emerges from the Depths of the great Dark Waters. It is Oeaohoo, the Younger, the ***. He shine forth as the Sun, he is the Blazing Divine Dragon of Wisdom; the Eka is Chatur, and Chatur takes to itself Tri, and the Union produces the Sapta, in whom are the Seven, which become the Tridasha, the Hosts and the Multitudes. Behold him lifting the Veil, and unfurling it from East to West. He shuts out the Above, and leaves the Below to be seen as the Great Illusion. He marks the places for the Shining Ones, and turns the Upper into a shoreless Sea of Fire, and the One Manifested into the Great Waters."(Stanza 3.7).
“The Radiant Child of the Two, the unparalleled refulgent Glory - Bright Space, Son of Dark Space, who emerges from the Depths of the great Dark Waters” – this is, of course, the Soul, which is a product of the synthesis of Matter and Spirit. The Matter in this case – it's not the type of Soul, but namely, the Original Substance. And the Spirit – this is not a particle Yang and Information, the Light. The Spirit – this is the Light, the Son of Dark Space. His rotation in every elementary particle forms in total the Bright Space.
Oeaohoo, the Younger – it's the Soul. The Light moving in every Soul is the flaming, Divine Dragon of Wisdom.
Eka – is the One, the Spirit. Chatur – it’s four, Four Elements.
"Chatur takes to itself Tri" – within this four-elements classification, i.e. within the Universe, there are particles of three primary colors - blue, yellow and red. These three colors are Tri. Classification within the classification. The particles of three colors give birth to a spectrum in which six colors plus the seventh, complex. And there are seven Plans. Here you have the Sapta – seven, seven times seven – 49. These 49 – this is the Tridasha, the Hosts and the Multitudes – all the variety of possible combinations of elementary particles in the Universe.
Sea of Fire – it's the same as the Space of Light, i.e. Ocean of Ether, Spirit.
11) "Father-Mother spin a Web, whose upper end is fastened to Spirit, the Light of the One Darkness, and the lower one to its shadowy end, Matter; and this Web is the Universe, spun out of the Two Substances, made in One, which is Svabhâvat." (Stanza 3.10).
Father-Mother symbolizes the combination in the Universe of the areas where the Spirit (the Father) is working – i.e. where it arises, and of the areas where the Matter (Mother) is working – i.e. where the Spirit disappears and the Space returns to the original state – to the Matter.
The Fabric, which is spun by Mother and Father really, it’s the Universe, the totality of elementary particles, which we can divide into two main types – the Yin and Yang. These Yin and Yang – this is Two Entities merged together.
12) "Then Svabhâvat send Fohat to harden the Atoms. Each is a part of the Web. Reflecting the "Self-Existent Lord", like a Mirror, each becomes in turn a World."(Stanza 3.12).
Svabhâvat in this case – is the Matter, Thinking Substance, where the Spirit (the Father) exists.
Fohat – it's the same thing as the Spirit, however, considered to each elementary particle (the Soul).
Fohat (Spirit) fills Atoms (particles) and thus makes them impermeable with respect to one another.
In this way Fohat makes the Atoms solid.
Fabric which is spun by Svabhâvat, as already mentioned, it is the Universe as the totality of its constituent elementary particles – Atoms.
The Soul is in the occult a reflection, a mirror for the Spirit, which is otherwise also known as Self-Existent Lord.
Another name for Fohat rotating in the Souls – is the Serpent, the Dragon of Wisdom. The Serpent, the Dragon – is a monkey of God, which repeats all its movements, but not a God in its entirety, but only part of It.
13) "...Listen, ye Sons of the Earth, to your Instructors - the Sons of the Fire. Learn, there is neither first nor last; for all is One Number, issued from No-Number." (Stanza 4.1).
Sons of the Earth – is one type of Souls, the particles Yin.
Sons of the Fire – is the second type of Souls, the particles Yang.
As you will learn later from the Law of Identification, namely the particle Yin, Sons of the Earth, absorb information (Energy, Spirit) emanating from the particles Yang, Sons of the Fire, and not vice versa. That is how we should understand an expression “Listen, ye Sons of the Earth, to your Instructors - the Sons of the Fire”.
14) "From the Effulgency of Light - the Ray of the Ever-Darkness - sprang in Space the reawakened Energies; the One from the Egg, the Six, and the Five. Then the Three, the One, the Four, the One, the Five - the Twice Seven, the Sum Total. And these are the Essences, the Flames, the Elements, the Builders, the Numbers, the Arûpa , the Rûpa , and the Force or Divine Man, the Sum Total. And from the Divine Man emanated the Forms, the Sparks, the Sacred Animals, and the Messengers of the Sacred Fathers within the Holy Four" (Stanza 4.3).
Light – is a product of the Matter – the Ray of Ever-Darkness, where Darkness – this is the Matter.
The reawakened Energies – are the smaller branches of One Ray – smaller rays, each of which is Fohat or Serpent, animating its Soul.
The Egg – is the Matter. This refers to the Eternal Egg, not Gold.
The One from the Egg – is the One Ray, i.e. the Spirit in the general sense.
The Twice Seven – is the Seven Plans and the Seven colors – is 49, the sum of all. This is the totality of the elementary particles of the Universe.
The Essences, the Flames, the Elements, the Builders, the Numbers, the Arûpa, the Rûpa,  the Force, the Forms, the Sparks, the Sacred Animals, the Messengers of the Sacred Fathers – all these are synonyms of the Soul.
The Secret Father – is the Spirit behind every Soul, feeding it by itself. The Divine Man – is the Manifested Universe, all the totality of Souls.
"The Messengers of the Sacred Fathers within the Holy Four" – this means that all Souls we can classify with the help of the Four Elements.
15) "That was the Army of the Voice, the Divine Mother of Seven. Sparks of Seven and the servants are subject to the First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Seventh of the Seven. They are called Spheres, triangles, cubes, lines, and molders, for so keeps Eternal Nidan - Oi-Ha-Hou” (Stanza 4.4).
The Voice – is synonymous with the Spirit. Here he was given the name of the Divine Mother of Seven, because some religious systems personify the Spirit as Feminine Deity. In the Spirit of many synonyms, and this is one of them.
The Army of the Voice – it is the totality of Souls born of the One Spirit.
Sparks of Seven – this is the same thing as the Seven Spirits, Seven Sons - Seven types of Souls.
Sparks of Seven and the servants are subject to the First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Seventh of the Seven – this is the list of synonyms of Seven Kingdoms of Nature.
“Sparks of Seven and the servants are subject” means that the same types of Seven Souls form the members of the Kingdoms. And the seventh kingdom - it is always the case with the number "seven," an indication of the complexity.
What is this list – Spheres, triangles, cubes, lines, and molders?
Here would still have to add the Pentagram and the six-pointed star, and so build a list – Spheres, lines, triangles, cubes, Pentagram and six-pointed star.
Sphere – it’s a "petal", one Plan in the Kingdom. It is a symbol of the mineral kingdom.
Line – is two Plans grouped together as part of a member of another kingdom – Plant. Otherwise the line can also be called as a segment, i.e. a section of the line connecting two points, in this case, two particles, two Plans.
Triangle – is, respectively, the symbol of the animal kingdom, of the union of three Souls, three Plans. Three petals – is 666.
Cube indicates on number four – four petals, four joint Plans, a symbol of the human's kingdom.
And finally, the pentagram and the six-pointed star – two superhuman kingdoms.
Pentagram combines five plans, and the Star of David – six.
A conglomerate of elementary particles - is also a particle, only an unstable, using the language of science.
16) "2. The voice of the Word, Svabhavat numbers, because he is one and nine. 3. "Square without Shapes" (Stanza 4.5).
Svabhavat – is the Mother-Father, Matter and Spirit. Number – is a Universe in their entirety of the Souls in its composition.
Svabhavat numbers – means that we refer to Matter and Spirit in their primary sense, but as the Soul-polar opposites – Yin and Yang.
One and Nine: One – is one Spirit and Nine – is three and six.
Three – three primary colors. Six – six simple Plans.
Square without Shapes – is a classification of the Souls of the elements.
17) "5. Then there are the children ..., Seven Warriors, A - Eighth left aside, and his breath is Light-giver.
6. Second Seven ... then that is Lipika generated by three. Rejected One Son. "Sons of the Sun" innumerable"(Stanza 4.5, 4.6).
Seven Warriors – are the seven major types of Souls.
The Eighth Son – is the Father, the Spirit. This is – Rejected One Son. His breath is Light-giver.
The Spirit – this is the breath and it animates every part of the world - every soul.
Second Seven, that is Lipika – it's all the same types of Souls.
Generated by three – this expression indicates that the triad of aspects represents every soul (elementary particle).
Sun – is the Spirit of the Father. Sons of the Sun – are the Souls, or the Rays of the Sun.
18) “The Primordial Seven, the First Seven Breaths of the Dragon of Wisdom, produce in their turn from their Holy Circumgyrating Breaths the Fiery Whirlwind.” (Stanza 5.1)
The Dragon of Wisdom – is the Spirit (Ether, Energy), "spinning" in any Soul. The Dragon of Wisdom – this is the same as the Holy Circumgyrating Breath.
Fire Whirlwind generated by the Holy Breath – is an elementary particle (Soul).
The Primordial Seven, the First Seven Breaths of the Dragon of Wisdom - are the seven major types of Souls that exist at each level of each Plan.
19) “They make of him the Messenger of their Will. The Dzyu becomes Fohat: the swift Son of the Divine Sons, whose Sons are the Lipika, runs circular errands. Fohat is the Steed, and the Thought is the Rider.” (Stanza 5.2).
They (the Primordial Seven) make of him (Fiery Whirlwind) the Messenger.
Do you remember, Mercury is the messenger of the Gods, too? A whirlwind of Spirit, born and died in the particles, it is the same Spirit, but in the concrete sense. He is the messenger of Gods, and he is God by himself. He informs that carries information.
Do not be confused by all this fog of occult terminology. And the Divine Sons and the Lipika – all these are synonyms of Souls. The Dzyu in this case symbolizes the Spirit in a general sense. Fohat – it is the Spirit in a particular way.
20) “He is their guiding spirit and the driver. Starting work, he separates the sparks of the lower kingdoms, and in the joy of WEARING quivering in their abodes Radiant and forms of these rudiments of Wheels. He puts them in the six directions of space and one in the middle - Middle Wheel "(Stanza 5.3).
What means these phrases: "He (Fohat) is their guiding spirit and the driver. He separates…forms…puts”?
Some external manifestation of quality characterize elementary particles – that is, the particles or absorb the Ether (Fohat) or emit it, and with a certain speed.
Absorbing particles form thus around the Field of Attraction, thereby attracting to themselves the surrounding particles.
Emitting particles form the Fields of Repulsion, which pushes the surrounding particles.
So, the characteristics of the Fohat (Ether), displaying in the particles, determine how they will behave in the environment of other particles. This is the work of Fohat as the driver, the guide and leader of the particles. And Sparks – is a synonym of the particles.
The Sparks of the lower kingdoms – are the particles of the Physical Plan, which form the Mineral Kingdom – the lowest of all, that closest to the center of the Universe.
Wheels – it’s the Whirlwinds of this Ether, "rotating" (through time) in Souls (elementary particles). Wheels – it's the same thing as the Dragons, Serpents.
The rudiments of Wheels he puts in the six directions of space – this is a figurative expression, suggesting that each type of elementary particles in the Universe tends to occupy its own position relative to the center, and this fact is due to the peculiarities of manifestation of the particles the Fohat (Ether).
Middle Wheel – is an association of particles of different types into one - so there is a seventh, integrated color.
21) "Lipika outline the Triangle, the First One, the Cube, the Second One, and Pentagram in the Egg. This ring, called "Do not transgress" for those who descend and ascend, who during the Kalpa moving to Great Day "Be with Us" ... Thus were created the Arupa and Rupa, from One Light Seven Luminaries, from each of the seven times Seven Luminaries. Wheel guard ring ... "(Stanza 5.6).
The Ring – it is the very sphere of any elementary particle. Perhaps the ring we call "Do not transgress" for the reason that the Ether within the sphere of each particle – is its own "property". And other particles can’t "pretend" to this Ether when it is within a given particle.
The Souls, particles, descend and ascend.
Arupa – is a particle Yang, Rupa – Yin particle. Arupa – those that do not create the forms. Rupa, on the contrary, create the forms.
This classification is quite understandable. Particles Rupa, Yin have the Fields of Attraction, and it is due to this, they produce forms, attracting other particles. Particles Arupa, Yang, have the Fields of Repulsion, and so do not create forms, as repel the surrounding particles.
Wheel – is a flow of Ether (Spirit), moving in the elementary particle (moving in time). Exactly the Ether fills the particles and makes them impervious to each other. That is how we should understand the phrase – "Wheel guard ring" or rather, "Each wheel protects its own ring".
"From One Light Seven Luminaries, from each of the seven times Seven Luminaries " – this phrase we should interpret  as a sign that the spectrum - that is, totality of six basic types of particles (plus complex particles that combine different types of particles) within each of the seven Plans unusually large.
What means the expression – "Lipika outline the Triangle, the First One, the Cube, the Second One, and Pentagram in the Egg"?
This is true told EP Blavatsky in the "Secret Doctrine": “…the "Ring PASS-NOT" that the Lipika trace around the Triangle, the First One, the Cube, the Second One, and the Pentacle to circumscribe these figures, is thus shown to contain the symbol of 31415 again, or the coefficient constantly used in mathematical tables (the value of p, pi), the geometrical figures standing here for numerical figures.” ("The Secret Doctrine", Comment. to Stanza 5.6).
 However, Elena Petrovna considered the concept of “"Ring" do not transgress” from the astronomical point of view, because the meaning of this expression quite different – we said just above that it’s the very sphere of the elementary particle.
22) “By the power of the Mother of Mercy and Knowledge, Kwan-Yin - the Triple of Kwan - Shai-Yin, residing in Kwan -Yin –Tien –  Fohat, the Breath of their Progeny, the Son of the Sons, having called forth, from the Lower Abyss, the Illusive Form of Sien --Tchan and the Seven Elements.” (Stanza 6.1).
You can know the identity of the names of Kwan-Yin and Kwan-Shai-Yin.
The existence in the Chinese pantheon of Deities, identity, by the way, the Indian Avalokiteshvara, accurately reflects the idea of the Spirit, of the Father, of the Second Aspect of God.
The Spirit – that's exactly the One Something that permeates and saturates the Universe, and changes somehow the underlying Substance, and is exactly what the other religious systems called the Logos, the Word, Voice.
The same concept and we adhere to. Spirit – that send to our world "Voice" that makes a circle and back to emitted source. Thus, each such "Round" brings information about the changes that have taken place in the Universe along the way of the "Sound".
Tien translates as "heaven". Kwan-Yin-Tien we can interpret as "the Universe, Sky, Space, where Kwan-Shai-Yin inhabits and keep track of everything going on". That is, the space filled with those who see the sounds of the world is itself the Sound.
Accordingly, as we have already mentioned, Fohat – it is really the Spawn of Kwan-Shai-Yin, a product of the Spirit.
Fohat – this is the Spirit, but existing in a single particle, the Tiny Ray of the One Ray. Fohat – is the Son of the Father, the One Spirit, and Soul (particle) – this is the Sons of Mother and Father.
It turns out that Fohat – is "the Son of the Sons".
The Lower Abyss – this is the Matter, Shadow, Primal Essence that has created everything in this world. The abyss from which there was all. Bottomless, endless basis.
The Seven Elements – it's all the same types of Seven Souls, elementary particles that build the Universe.
Fohat "having called ... the Illusive Form of Sien-Tchan" – that Fohat, Spirit, "working" in each elementary particle, has caused a visible manifestation of our world. "The Illusive Form" – is a synonym of Maya, Illusion, commonly called as the Universe.
23) "The Swift and the Radiant One produces the seven Laya Centres, against which none will prevail to the Great Day "Be With Us"; and seats the Universe on these Eternal Foundations, surrounding Sien-Tchan with the Elementary Germs." (Stanza 6.2).
The Swift and the Radiant One – it is the Spirit.
The Seven Laya Centres – are the seven basic types of Souls.
The Great Day "Be with Us" – the beginning of the end Mahamanvantara – Mahapralaya.
Primary Germ – this is the Soul (stable elementary particles).
24) "Of the Seven - first One manifested, Six concealed; Two manifested, Five concealed; Three manifested, Four concealed; Four produced, Three hidden; Four and One Tsan revealed, Two and One-Half concealed; Six to be manifested, One laid aside. Lastly, Seven Small Wheels revolving; one giving birth to the other."(Stanza 6.3).
There we described the sequence of entry of the Plans into incarnation.
Six to be manifested, One laid aside – six simple Plans and one complex that appears as the sum of all in its final form last.
Seven Small Wheels revolving; one giving birth to the other – Souls of Seven Plans, the Higher Plans "saturate" the lower with their ether – give birth.
25) "He builds them in the likeness of older Wheels, placing them on the Imperishable Centres.
How does Fohat build them? He collects the Fiery Dust. He makes Balls of Fire, runs through them, and round them, infusing life there into , then sets them into motion; some one way, some the other way. They are cold, he makes them hot. They are dry, he makes them moist. They shine, he fans and cools them.
Thus acts Fohat from one Twilight to the other, during Seven Eternities.” (Stanza 6.4).
The Older Wheels – are the conglomerates, collected from the stable particles, i.e. directly from the indivisible Souls.
The Fiery Dust – this is the elementary particle.
Balls of Fire – are the conglomerates of Souls.
Twilight – it’s Mahapralaya, the disintegration of the Universe.
Seven Eternities – are the consistent formation of the Seven Kingdoms of Nature.
A Wheel – this is the same as the rotating Ether – nascent, and then disappearing.
First of all, a Wheel – it is the very Soul, as in every particle the Ether is born at the same time and disappears. This is a Small Wheel.
But if Ether is born in a single particle, and is destroyed in the other – it is also the Wheel of Ether.
We can suppose that a conglomerate of particles forms this Wheel, and we consider it as the Older to the individual Soul.
The more particles are in the conglomerate, the Wheel is greater, i.e. Older. The body of any representative of any of the kingdom – is also a Wheel.
26) "At the Fourth, the Sons are told to create their Images, One-Third refuses. Two obey. The Curse is pronounced. They will be born in the Fourth, suffer and cause suffering. This is the First War."(Stanza 6.5).
To create their Images – is the process of combining particles into conglomerates (groups) due to the existence of gravity. The Kingdoms of Nature were born as a result of consistent association of the particles.
In the process of creating the Images, i.e. in the Birth of Kingdoms, all Plans are included, because the particles with the Fields of Attraction that can become the centers of attraction are the part of any Plan. It’s first.
And second, not only the particles with the Fields of Attraction can subordinate, but also the particles with the Fields of Repulsion.
However, the more upper is the Plan, the more there are particles with the Fields of Repulsion (and the greater the value of these Fields), and the smaller percentage of particles with Fields of Attraction (and the lower is the value of these Fields).
It turns out that the upper Plans, especially the last two – Atmic and Monadic – extremely reluctant to take part in the process of unification of particles – the Fields of Repulsion prevent. These two Plans of the six simple are precisely the refusing One-Third.
The other four lower Plans – it’s Two obeyed Thirds – as their total Fields of Attraction are more and the Fields of Repulsion are less.
But these two upper Plans will still come into incarnation – "They will be born in the Fourth". This means that their aim and objects, with which they will interact, will be the representatives of the Fourth Kingdom – human.
The process of forming the superhuman Kingdoms is very difficult. It's not easy to create forms that can withstand high levels of Energy, because the Energy (Ether) destroys bonds (gravitational, chemical – it’s the same). Therefore, any person on the way to becoming of Superhuman has big difficulties and suffering. This road is very hard, and not everyone under force.
This is the First War – a war between the Yin and Yang, due to the complete opposite manifestations of their quality.
27) "The Older Wheels rotated downward and upward ... The Mother's Spawn filled the whole. There were Battles fought between the Creators and the Destroyers, and Battles fought for Space; the Seed appearing and reappearing continuously."(Stanza 6.6).
The Mother's Spawn – is again synonyms of Soul. The Matter – Space – gives rise to a "seed", Germ, Spawn – Soul. The Souls fill the Space.
The Seed appearing and reappearing continuously – it is the Spirit that is born in the Souls.
Creators and Destroyers – are the particles Yang and Yin.
Yang – are Creators, because there is a domination of the process of creation of the Spirit in them.
Yin – are Destroyers, as they destruct the Ether more than creates.
28) "Make thy calculations, O Lanoo, if thou wouldst learn the correct age of thy Small Wheel. Its Fourth Spoke is our Mother. Reach the Fourth Fruit of the Fourth Path of Knowledge that leads to Nirvana, and thou shalt comprehend, for thou shalt see... "(Stanza 6.7).
The Fourth Fruit of the Fourth Path of Knowledge that leads to Nirvana – it's the Fourth Ray, harmony through conflict, combining all other six Rays.
In the article on the Seven Rays we say that the six Rays are simple, but the seventh – is the complex.
However, do not understand the phrase "seventh ray" as a literal reference to Ray's number. In fact, the Ray under the number "7" – is simple. While the comprehensive Ray – has the number "4" as has just been said.
For any person, before getting into a superhuman state by the addition of particles of Atmic and Monadic Plans, it is necessary to reach the state of the Fourth Ray. The person do this by including into the body the particles of all six simple Rays – that is, all levels of Buddhic Plan should be submitted in the person.
29) “Behold the beginning of sentient formless Life.
First, the Divine, the One from the Mother Spirit; then, the Spiritual; the Three from the One, the Four from the One, and the Five, from which the Three, the Five and the Seven. These are the Threefold and the Fourfold downward; the Mind-born Sons of the First Lord, the Shining Seven. It is they who are thou, I, he, O Lanoo; they who watch over thee and thy mother, Bhûmi” (Stanza 7.1).
First, the Divine, the One – is an indication of the One Absolute out of the state of manifestation.
Then, the Spiritual – or simply "the Spirit", is the second aspect.
The Three from the One, the Trinity - as part of any level of any Plan are the Souls of only three primary colors – red, yellow or blue.
The Four from the One, Quaternary – the Spirit manifests through four Elements.
And the Five – the Spirit itself represents the Fifth Element – Ether.
The First Lord – is the Primal Essence, Space.
The Mind – is the Spirit. The Mind-born Sons of the First Lord, the Shining Seven – are the Souls, Seven Rays.
30) “The One Ray multiplies the smaller Rays. Life precedes Form, and Life survives, the last atom. Through the countless Rays the Life-Ray, the One, like a Thread through many Beads.”(Stanza 7.2).
The One Ray and Life – are the synonyms of the Spirit, the Second Aspect of the Absolute.
The One Ray multiplies the smaller Rays – Spirit manifests through a great variety of Souls (elementary particles).
Form – it’s a Soul.
Life precedes Form – Spirit manifests itself in the form of the Soul, but not vice-versa.
Life survives, the last atom – when, after Mahamanvantara all Atoms (Souls) will disappear, the Spirit remains. Life will be spilled in the Space of the One Boundless Ocean.
Through the countless Rays the Life-Ray, the One, like a Thread through many Beads - Spirit permeates, saturates, fills the Souls (Small Rays). Spirit, as the thread in necklace, penetrates all free and brings all together.
31) “When the One becomes Two, the Threefold appears, and the Three are One; and it is our Thread, O Lanoo, the Heart of the Man-Plant called Saptaparna” (Stanza 7.3).
The One – is the Absolute, the Original Substance.
The One becomes Two – the Spirit is born in the Matter.
The Spirit is born in a Third Aspect, in the Soul – the Threefold appears, and the Three are One.
The Thread – is the basis that holds together and unites.
The Heart – means the foundation, the Substance.
The Man-Plant – it is a Heavenly Man, which is the manifested Universe. The Universe is like a man, exactly – a man like it, for the reason that in the Universe and in the human the Souls of different quality and different Plans unite together.
The manifested Universe, like a lotus flower, has its roots in the water, i.e. in Matter (Water – is a symbol of Matter), but the flowers (manifestation) above the Water – outside.
32) “It is the Root that never dies; the Three-tongued Flame of the Four Wicks. The Wicks are the Sparks, that draw from the Three-tongued Flame shot out by the Seven - their Flame - the Beams and Sparks of one Moon reflected in the running Waves of all the Rivers of Earth.”(Stanza 7.4).
The Root that never dies, the Root of Man-Plant – this is the Original Substance, Matter, Water.
The Four Wicks – Four Elements (classification of particles according to the elements).
The Three-tongued Flame – there are only three primary colors of elementary particles – red, yellow and blue. The rest of the existing colors – are the combinations of the main.
The Sparks, the Wicks – all these are synonyms for the concept of "Soul".
The Three-tongued Flame shot out by the Seven – the number "7" indicates that the particles of three primary colors manifest in seven colors.
One Moon reflected in the running Waves of all the Rivers of Earth – is one Spirit that pervades the entire universe, filling all existing Ethereal Field.
Beams and Sparks – Souls – the result of creation and the areas of manifestation of the One Moon – One Spirit.
33) “The Spark hangs from the Flame by the finest thread of Fohat. It journeys through the Seven Worlds of Maya. It stops in the First, and is a Metal and a Stone; it passes into the Second, and behold - a Plant; the Plant whirls through seven changes and becomes a Sacred Animal. From the combined attributes of these, Manu, the Thinker, is formed. Who forms him? The Seven Lives and the One Life. Who completes him? The Fivefold Lha. And who perfects the last Body? Fish, Sin, and Soma...” (Stanza 7.5).
The Spark – is a synonym for the Soul.
The Flame – this is One  Spirit.
The finest thread of Fohat – it is the Spirit, manifested in the Soul (particle).
The Seven Worlds of Maya – are the Seven Kingdoms of Nature.
Maya – is the Manifested Universe.
The First, the Second, the Fivefold Lha – are the Seven Kingdoms of Nature, where the Seventh – complex – is the Universe.
The First Kingdom – is Mineral, the Second – is Vegetable.
It (Spark) journeys through the Seven Worlds of Maya – the Souls construct the each Kingdom of Nature.
Manu, the Thinker – is the One Consciousness, woven from the minds of all particles of the representatives of any of these Kingdoms.
The Seven Lives – are the seven types of Souls, One Life – is One Spirit.
The Plant whirls through seven changes and becomes a Sacred Animal. The Plant here – it's Man-Plant, and the Sacred Animal – is the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.
And the Man-Plant, and the Sacred Animal (Lamb) - are synonyms of manifested Universe, which sooner or later destined to sink into oblivion – to plunge into Mahapralaya.
  Seven changes – is the change of the Seven Kingdoms, the same as the Seven Days of Creation. The Spirit turns into Souls – it's called the Wheel, Spirit rotates in time.
Soul – is the Small Wheel. The Plans, the kingdom – are the Older Wheels. In each of them the Spirit also rotates collectively.
34) “From the First-born the Thread between the Silent Watcher and his Shadow becomes more strong and radiant with every Change. The morning Sunlight has changed into noonday glory...” (Stanza 7.6).
With every change, i.e. every kingdom, the thread, i.e. Spirit manifests itself with ever greater force – the thread is getting stronger and all the more radiant with each modification. This is understandable, because gradually coming into incarnation the more energy-intensive Plans.
35) “«This thy present Wheel», said the Flame to the Spark. «Thou art myself, my image and my shadow. Ihave clothed myself in thee, and thou art my Vâhan to the Day "Be With Us", when thou shalt re-become myself and others, thyself and me». Then the Builders, having donned their first Clothing, descent on radiant Earth and reign over men -- who are themselves.... .” (Stanza 7.7).
As you can see, the Stanza Dzyan also confirms our words that the wheel – is the rotating Ether (or Spirit). The Thread of the First-born, or otherwise the Fohat thread is the flow of Ether (Spirit), which is pouring out into our world through each Soul (Spark).
Thou art myself, my image and my shadow. I have clothed myself in thee, and thou art my Vâhan – Soul (Spark) – it is the same flame, the same Spirit, but limited by the borders of the sphere – of the Soul (particle). That is why the Stanza says, “Thou art myself”, i.e. Soul – is the Spirit, the Son of the Father, his likeness, copy, Shadow.
“To have clothed in something” means to accept some covers, some shape. The Spirit takes the shape of a sphere – the Soul. Soul – is a Horse, Vâhan (wagon), and the Spirit – is a Rider. Horse, wagon obeys to the movements of Rider.
“...to the Day "Be With Us", when thou shalt re-become myself and others, thyself and me” – Souls (elementary particles) will exist until the end of Mahamanvantara and will disappear with the onset of Mahapralaya, i.e. the Day "Be with Us". At this point, the Souls will dissolve in the One Spirit, and all will become the one.
The Builders – these are the Souls, Sparks.
The Builders, having donned their first Clothing - this indicates that there is a directly birth of Souls, in their original form.
Radiant Earth – it's the very image of the manifested universe, unlike the Sky – is the symbol of pure space, devoid of any signs of manifestation.
“Builders… reign over men” means that people are entirely due to the features of manifestation of these builders – elementary particles – as builders “being by themselves”, are at the heart of people.
36) "Almost five centuries B.C. Leucippus, the instructor of Democritus, maintained that Space was filled eternally with atoms actuated by a ceaseless motion, the latter generating in due course of time, when those atoms aggregated, rotatory motion through mutual collisions producing lateral movements. Epicurus and Lucretius taught the same, only adding to the lateral motion of the atoms the idea of affinity -- an occult teaching.” ("The Secret Doctrine", Prologue).
37) “…an out-breathing of the 'unknown essence' produces the world; and an inhalation causes it to disappear. This process has been going on from all eternity, and our present universe is but one of an infinite series, which had no beginning and will have no end.” "(HP Blavatsky, "Isis Unveiled", Volume 2).
“The One is an unbroken Circle (ring) with no circumference, for it is nowhere and everywhere; the One is the boundless plane of the Circle, manifesting a diameter only during the manvantaric periods; the One is the indivisible point found nowhere, perceived everywhere during those periods” (" Catechism of the Occult ", taken from" The Secret Doctrine "by HP Blavatsky).

“Fohat is thus the dynamic energy of Cosmic Ideation; or, regarded from the other side, it is the intelligent medium, the guiding power of all manifestation, the Thought  Divine  transmitted and made manifest  the Dhyan-Chohans, the Architects of the visible World.”  ("The Secret Doctrine" by HP Blavatsky, Prologue).

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