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Among all previously listed before the synonyms of the occult term "soul" we should consider the most scientific of all the notion "elementary particle".
In the space, once very, very long time ago elementary particles of varying quality appeared.
What is the quality and the structure of them?
Any elementary particle is a sphere.
Regardless of the quality, the radius any of them is the same for all existing particles.
You should not to imagine the particle as a dense formation with solid walls. No, the particle is immersed in Ether.

A particle - is a "point of contact of Creator with itself", it is Something.
Ether (Energy), filling a sphere at any given time, belongs only to this particle. All other particles can not at this moment in any way "pretend" to this ether, filling the particle.
Every particle has a dual "relationships" with Ether (Energy-Information).
A certain amount of Ether disappears (destroys) at unit of time in any particle. This process occurs in the central part of the particle - in the Zone of Destruction.

Concurrently, each particle in a unit of time creates a certain amount of Ether. Energy-Ether appears in the central part of the elementary particle – in the Zone of Creation - and moves towards its periphery.

Thus the flow of Energy-Ether, produced in the central part of the sphere, and moving towards the periphery, forms the body of the elementary particle.

The Zone of Destruction does not distinguish between its own Ether, arising in it, and moving from the center to the periphery, as well as Ether, which may come into the particle from outside.
This Zone “does not care” what Ether destroys in it. The main is - with a certain speed to destroy Ether that enters into it.
As you will find out later, this "illegibility" of a Zone of Destruction is the basis of a very curious law of nature - the Law of Transformation of external quality of particles.
In turn, this law is so important and is the reason of so many natural phenomena that its role of a universal scale is difficult to overestimate. We will not go into details, but we give a simple example. Stars emit light only through the action of the Law of Transformation. In other words, because a Zone of Destruction in elementary particles can absorb not only their own, and external for them Ether.
Ether, filling particles, is no different from the "free" Ether, outside the particles. It as though permeates every particle, "imbues" it like a sponge.
Elementary particles like ephemeral spheres suspended there.
However, Ether filling any particle is its "own". And other particles can’t absorb that Ether that fills at this moment a given particle. Only the Ether that goes beyond the sphere becomes available for absorption by others.
In all elementary particles of whatever quality Energy-Ether moves from the center to the periphery. The particles - are not closed forms. They are open for entry of Ether into them from the outside.
Ether, which is outside the boundaries of the particle, does not belong to the particle and it in no way connected with it.
As for Ether emitted by particles with Repulsion Field, it ceases to have anything to do with the particle immediately after emitting.
But Ether, that fills the particle at given time, belongs only to it.
While the particles with the Field of Attraction are moving they continue to compensate for the deficiency of Ether arising in them, absorbing it in the course of the movement from the surrounding ethereal field.
When the particles with the Field of Repulsion are moving they do not stop to emit appearing in them an excess of Ether.
The quality of elementary particle – it’s the ratio of Ether created and destroyed in it per unit of time.
We can say it in another way: the ratio of the speed of creation and the speed of disappearance (destruction).

There is a huge range of values for the quantity characterizing the speed of destruction in the various particles.

But the magnitude of the speed of creation of Ether can take only three possible values.
They correspond to the blue, yellow and red "colors".

We used to use the "color" as a characteristic pertaining only to the photons of the visible range of the frequency scale.
However, in fact, the visible photons - it is just one type of elementary particles. And our visual analyzers receive information in the form of visible photons. And they don’t use the particles of other quality.

But, nevertheless, absolutely every existing elementary particle has red, yellow or blue color, no matter how much Ether disappears in it.
Red "color" corresponds to the highest speed of creation of Ether from the possible, blue – to the smallest from the possible, and yellow - the speed intermediate between these two.

These are three primary colors. There are yet three additional, but the more about the color theory we will discuss in the future.
Our visual analyzers detect not only how much the coming to them visible photons create Ether, but also how much they absorb.
Thus, the quality of elementary particle - is the ratio in the particle two units, one of which characterizes the speed of creation of Ether in it, and other - the speed of destruction.
The outward manifestation of the quality of the particle is the presence either the Field of Attraction or the Field of Repulsion, and the value of existing fields due to the ratio in the particle the speed of creation of Ether and the speed of destruction.
In what follows, we often will meet the concept of "quality" and to work with it.
However, as you can see, in addition to the quality of the particle, there is just the outward manifestation of their quality. And then, both are very important for understanding of natural processes and phenomena.
Perhaps in the future we will call the quality of the particles as an "internal quality" of the particle, and the outward manifestation – as an "external quality". Although, we will do this only for convenience and brevity of explanation, not more. And when possible, the concepts will be left with their true names.
The Fields of Attraction characterize the particles where the amount of destroyed Ether is more than created.
The surrounding Ether, in which the particle with the Field of Attraction is immersed, comes into it in the area of contact the ethereal field with the "wall" of the particle.
And Ether surrounding the particle fills arising void and moving in the direction of the particle.
Ether flow moving toward the particle is a Field of Attraction.

Each point of the surface of particle per unit of time absorbs the same amount of Ether.
The Fields of Repulsion present in the particles whose amount of created Ether is greater than amount of absorbed.
The particle primarily destroys the own Ether, that it "produces"  itself.
The remaining in the particle after destruction excess of Ether is emitted by particle surface. This flow of energy emitted by the particle pushes ether surrounding the "walls" of the particle.
Ether flow moving away from the particle surface is a Field of Repulsion.

Each point of the surface of the particles emits per unit of time the same quantity of ether.
The value of the Field of Attraction is greater, the more Ether in a unit of time is absorbed by the particle from the surrounding ethereal field – i.e. then higher the speed of absorption.

Don’t confuse the absorption of Ether with its destruction.
Accordingly, the value of the Repulsion Field is greater, the more per unit of time this particle emits energy into the ambient ethereal field – i.e. then higher is the speed of emission.

We should not mix such concepts as the emission of Ether and its creation.
In the future, generally speaking about the Fields of Attraction and Fields of Repulsion, we can sometimes use the term "Force Field".
This term is quite popular in the scientific literature. Why we need to invent something new that perhaps will not be accepted.
We should mention that the existing in the esoteric literature (in the treatise on the Tao, for example) a reference on Yin and Yang refers specifically to the particles with different Force Fields.
Yin and Yang - are two connected "drops", black with a white circle in the center (Yin) and white - with a black circle (Yang).

Yin - is an esoteric symbol of all existing in the Universe elementary particles (Souls) with the Fields of Attraction. Here, the black color means that the destruction of Ether (Spirit) in the particle goes on faster than its creation.
Yang – it’s an image of elementary particles (Souls) with the Fields of Repulsion. The predominance of white over black says that the creation of Ether goes on faster than destruction.
In the esoteric literature, "The Light" symbolizes the Spirit (Ether), and "Darkness" - its absence.
Yang as it said in the "Tao Te Ching" is in heat - is a source of rage. Rage in our language connects with the heating, even though our blood in anger (the words "anger" and "Fire" can be considered cognate). The heating is directly related to the process of emission of Ether.
Yin grows scanty - that is, loses something. In this case, there is the analogy with the process of disappearance of Ether exceeding the process of creation.

YIN – the particles with the Fields of Attraction – is a black drop with a white circle. YANG – the particles with the Fields of Repulsion – is a white drop with a black circle. Black color here – is a symbol of destruction of Ether. White – is a symbol of creation of Ether.
In the books of Alice Bailey we can often find the concept of "quality". We are talking about one and the same.
A size of elementary particles is incredibly small. Elementary particles build the chemical elements. The chemical elements themselves - are the tiny formations, compared such as the human body.
The size of elementary particles on the scale of a chemical element is similar to the size of a human body on the scale of a planet.

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