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Occultism (from lat. Occultus - a secret, hidden) – is a common name for the teachings, which reveal before the people who knows how to understand their hidden meaning, the all lowdown of our world. Unlike normal human science, which focuses only on specific phenomena and processes of reality, occultism tends to direct human attention primarily on the basis of the Universe, to indicate those universal laws and factors that lie at the heart of everything - as existing and hidden. Moreover, exactly underlying factors are recognized as truly incorruptible.
It reports as the generalized scheme, which contains information about what is this world, this universe. And transmitted knowledge is often imprinted in the symbolic form.
It would seem strange: how can we in the religion talk about any faces? After all, the Universe - it's not a human.
However, as is well known, religions constantly discern and use anthropomorphism in respect of global, philosophical categories. We plunge into symbolism and constantly come before the Heavenly Persons - Men and Women, Gods and Goddesses.
That's why we have taken the liberty to claim that God appears before our researcher look is able to be an actor and change its masks.
"The Main Actors" - are the Hypostases of Creator, part of which we all are.
Let's look at the basics of occult symbolism.
The main goal of our excursus will be to find as many similarities in various esoteric writings and the Holy Scriptures. We need to identify main groups of synonyms, narrating about the same aspects of the Absolute. When the series of definitions relating to one and the same will be made up, people studying the esoteric, will be easier to sort out all the abundance of symbolic information, that saturating the esoteric-religious treatises, where it is very easy to sink.
Our universe, our God - it's a brilliant actor, director, screenwriter together. What's its dressing room! And what a scene and scenery! Anyone can verify this by looking in the mirror or around you.
And the first role in which the Creator acts - is he. Or rather, itself, because the universe - it's not a man.
The Absolute, the God One Reality, unparalleled, Thinking Cosmic Substance – these all are synonyms.

It is that Unimaginable Something that fills the space, and, in fact, is itself an Intellectual Spatial Tissue. This is exactly the same Tao, the poetic treatise Lao Tzu "Tao Te Ching" is dedicated to. Moreover, translating into Russian the Tao as "the Truth" Valery Pereleshin certainly is not wrong. The God - this is the only truth to which we are all really strive to and which always eludes from us.

Now we barely hinted at the most important characters of the saga of the occultism.
There is nothing in the base, but this Essence filling the space, which is the space itself.
There is nothing but "One of Whom About Naught May Be Said".

It is eternal, inaccessible, unknowable and indescribable, invisible, inaudible, odorless and tasteless.
Buddhism teaches us that Buddha attained enlightenment is immersed into Nirvana. As you remember, Nirvana can’t be characterized, using human language, for it does not fit any known definitions. That's why Buddhists have resorted to the only remaining in their possession description method - the method of denial. Denying that what Nirvanic state is not, they thereby give us some idea of what it is, or at least, of what it cannot be. Nirvana - is not this and not that...
And the Absolute cannot be traced utilizing the available human language definition.
There is only the Absolute (Parabrahm, the One God... etc.). And it has two main states - active and inactive.
Not active state – is a state of the Unmanifestation.
Active – is, of course, a manifest state.
If you will read esoteric writings and treatises, you will find that about 80% of the information contained therein is given to the nuances and subtleties of the manifest (active) state of God.
At the same time, only around 20% of the data are relevant to the Absolute in an inactive (unmanifested) state.
An unmanifested state of the Cosmic Substance - is Mahapralaya, i.e. Great Pralaya. It’s the time when Absolute rests of its work. And "God knows," "what about the Space thinks" during its periodically upcoming Dream.
The manifested state of One Reality - is Mahamanvantara, i.e. Great Manvantara.
It’s the time when God is in the state of active intelligence of its internal capabilities.
“Parabrahm (the One Reality, the Absolute) is the field of Absolute Consciousness, i.e., that Essence which is out of all relation to conditioned existence” (H.P. Blavatsky, Secret Doctrine, I, p. 15).
We can’t speculatively spread about the nature of the Absolute, when it is in the unmanifested state.
For the simple reason that it is beyond the comprehension of any living being who dwells in the depths of the Creator and being its integral part.
If the Absolute is manifested, we can indirectly judge of what "inside" it on those grounds, that we can observe in us and around us.
Manifestation, Manvantara gives us a chance to look at It from the side, without leaving beyond.
We learn to observe the "face" of Cosmic Substance by its Attire, by Its Cover.
The stumbling block for people plunging into occultism - is abundance of synonyms.
The same aspect of God viewed at different angles is called differently. For this reason, the person may have a false sense that the world of religion is crowded with all sorts of beings, each of which lives its own life, has its own sphere of influence and its own functions.
We assure you, this is nothing more than a deceptive impression. Actually the Main Actors rather can be counted on one hand.
Three main aspects - Matter, Spirit, Soul, or otherwise - Mother, Father, Son, - are the three hypostases of God, three looks at It.
  This Trinity under different names we find in all the major world religions. It presents in Hinduism and Kabbalah, at Egyptians and ancient Greeks, in Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and Zoroastrianism.

It does not matter what names we assign to persons of the Triad.
The main thing - is to understand the general scheme of the mechanism of manifestation and the nuances of "relationships" between the "Members" of this "Divine Family".
No coincidence thinkers of ancient peoples considered the features manifestations of the Absolute under such very human perspective. The idea of fusion of two aspects with the aim to birth a third, of course, is somewhat similar the human life.
The Matter – is the first aspect of Absolute. In the state of Manifestation – this is the First Aspect of Absolute. And in the Unmanifestation – it is the Absolute.
This is the Reasonable, Initial Essence, devoid of the Spirit - the Male Principle - and Soul - of the Union of Women's and Men's.
Virgin Mary, Maya, Devamatri, Svabhavat. In reality, there is only the Thinking Substance - Substance-Principle, which has no the second. Exactly it is the basis of total - ALWAYS.

We can assign any number of names and give in our thoughts any traits and sexual identity, but nevertheless this Substance is at the same time all of these and none of these.
The main characters are three, but only one of them always exists as in manifestation, and without it - it's the Matter (Mother). The other two - Spirit and Soul present only when the Absolute is "awakened". Their birth is just marking the beginning of the new Day of God.
When Absolute manifests itself, the hidden before idea becomes visible - the Spirit is born. The Spirit - is a manifestation of the Creator's Mind.
The Spirit - is a characteristic feature of Matter in the developmental state, its distinguishing feature. It’s the Second Aspect of the Absolute. The Matter – is a Spatial Tissue, and the Spirit - is the ability of this Tissue to think, realize, bring forth ideas.
The Spirit – is the changed state of Matter. It’s something like "vibration", "waterhole" on the surface of the Matter.
We can try to find other words to describe this kind of condition, but you should be aware in fact, that any of them does not characterize the Spirit correctly, and genuinely the Spirit is not this. It's just images, allegories.
The Spirit, the Male Principle, arising out from the Women's, from the Matter, it's her First-born Son.
The Creator - is the One God, which was Chaos and Darkness, when it was unmanifested.
The scientific name for the Power Center, for the Soul - is an elementary particle.
You can also use the word "Atom". However, it's not the atom of physicist or chemist, which is a conglomeration of particles, namely, the truly indivisible object.
The Soul in which emerges the Spirit - is the Dragon of Wisdom, or serpent biting its own tail. The last expression very accurately describes the process that takes place in each separate particle.
Another name for the Serpent - Kundalini, which translates from Sanskrit as "Folded ring", "Curled up in the form of snake".

Kundalini - it is the same serpent, "devouring" itself. Dragon of Wisdom, the Serpent, Kundalini - it's all the Soul.
Another very commonly used name for the elementary structural units - is the Fire.
The Spirit manifested in Matter - is Fire. While the Matter (substance) in the unmanifested state - is Water.
Another synonym for the elementary particle – is a "Wheel".

The Spirit manifested in Matter is in occultism the "Movement" or otherwise "Breath" Any Wheel, i.e. any elementary particle - is the Spirit that moves not in space but in time (trough time) - born, for some time existing in this phenomenal world and then collapsing.
This is the rotating serpent. It comes from the source - from the Silent Witness (as in the Stanzas of Dzyan the Matter is) - make the "Circle through Time" and then "go back" to the original source that emits it - back to the Matter.

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