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Let us once again look at the scheme of manifestation of this Universe.
The Matter – is the First Cosmic Logos, that ball of unimaginable sizes that appeared in the Space; that Cosmic Egg, symbolized in the esoteric by the circle without a point. Within this world all cosmic processes and phenomena and will happen hereinafter, the Life will develop.
The Second Cosmic Logos - this is an indication that the Spirit was born in the Matter, and now they are two.
And lastly, the Third Cosmic Logos – this is the Matter, giving birth to the Souls inside itself with the help of the Spirit. The Souls are Yin and Yang.
Logos - it's just a name for a particular state of Space. Let's talk about the Second and Third Space Logos.
The moment came when in the First Cosmic Logos in the "empty" space, in the Matter, the Spirit arose, rather, many Spirits.
The Spirit did not come freely, but in the Souls.
This is a pass of the First Logos in the status of the Second, and the Third, this happens at the same time.
Every Spirit that arose in Matter became the basis for the emergence of the Soul.
And there was an association of Spirit and Matter in the Souls. "Father" and "Mother" "have born” "the Children".
Matter, Spirit and Soul - Mother, Father and Baby - together form "the very same" Holy Trinity, the object of religious worship.

It is an esoteric view on the process of emergence of the manifested Universe. And the scientific understanding of this process is following.
Once unimaginably long time ago (in human notions) the Space changed.
In this simple and familiar word - "change" - hidden all secret sense of how the Matter internally transformed to become outwardly visible, manifested.
And it is this altered state of Matter in the occultism we call the Spirit.
The Matter gave birth to the Spirit (Energy) – i.e. some particular state began to emerge in it, the essence of which is beyond our understanding.
The Spirit formed the "Centers of Creation", "Building Units of the Universe", "Touch Points by the Creator himself inside", "Power Centers".
These are different names for the same.
Democritus thinking about the world supposed their existence and called these power centers by the Atoms - indivisible particles. And he was right about their indivisibility.
Buddha also mentioned that all things are composed of some "Dharma". Apparently, by this he meant all the same centers of power.
Thus, well-known to us "Elementary Particles", "chakras", "atoms" and "Dharma" - are synonyms.

We could come up and find still a lot of other symbolic expressions for these amazing formations that arose once in the space and exist since. However, any of them would be powerless to give at least some information about the deep essence of that unknown "something".
In science, chemical elements are the “atoms”. We recall that translation of the "Atom" is "indivisible". When scientists began to open up and explore the chemical elements, they were the same indivisible elementary units, about the existence of which the ancient Greek philosophers spoke. And so they have appropriated the name of "Atoms".
In our series of books the concept of "Atom" is equal to the concept of "elementary particle", and the chemical element is the "chemical element", or just - "element".
It is difficult to talk about any structure of elementary particles. We talk about the structure of something, if it incorporates smaller structural units.
A particle – is a holistic structure. It's not even the structure, but simply an area of the space, "the material point".
"Point of contact" of the Creator-Space with itself.
The Spirit - is the foundation and filling of the Souls. It is their source.
The main synonym for esoteric concept "Spirit" is another esoteric term - "Ether" which, according to the ideas of philosophical and theosophical thinkers fills the entire Universe.
The notion of the "Spirit" is also consistent with such occult terms as "Father", "Brahma" (this, along with Vishnu and Shiva, one of the hypostases of the Hindu Triune God), "Heaven", Fohat, Purusha, Breath of Heaven, Breath of Life, Nefesh, "Light".
The transition of the Space from the state of the First Logos to the state of the Second and Third Logos - this is the moment when the particles started to create ether and destroy it.
It can be assumed that the Spirit is precisely thereby "Einstein space" (that fills the real space), which, as Einstein believed, can be bent. The Space itself (Matter, the First Logos) is not curved - it is static. But the Spirit emitted and absorbed by the elementary particles is able to "flow", what it does. The Ether emitted and absorbed by the particles - this is the Spirit flowing in the Space.
A hint of what in the Space “Something” (the Spirit) is flowing we can find in the esoteric literature in the form of references to the "Prana" - a very thin, ultra-light, radiant substance that is able to pass from body to body, occupying the entire Universe. Another name for the Spirit is “Qi”, anyway - "Chi".
Let's talk a bit more about what the Spirit is Light. From a scientific point of view, "the Light" - is visible photons that are moving from the emitting or reflecting them body and getting to our visual analyzers, cause a visual sensation that we call the light. However, the real cause of visual perception is the ether emitted by particles that gets to the visual analyzer.
Thus, Ether (Spirit) - this is the "light" in the broad sense of the word.
Exactly about this "light" (i.e. the Ether, Spirit) the First Book of Moses (Genesis 1:3 says): "And God said, Let there be light. And there was light".
We can name elementary particles symbolically as the "building blocks" that are forming "the Temple of the Manifested Universe".
Hence, it becomes clear why to describe the stages of human knowledge and the development it has been used the Masonic symbolism. "Mason" from French is a "bricklayer".
Elementary particles - these are the same "stones" from which Freemasons strive to establish the "Temple" - the body of the manifested Universe.
In a narrow sense, the Masons – are people embarking on the path of initiation, i.e. in the path of Christ, Buddha and other great Teachers.
In a wider sense, Freemasonry is a symbol of the totality of existing in the Universe the living organized systems.
Each one of us – is a builder and stonemason. Any representative of any Kingdom of Nature - is a Mason. Minerals, plants, animals – all are Masons, as strange as it may sound.
Scientists still are busy looking for candidates for the role of "basic elements" which make up all that is in the universe. We are convinced that the only suitable candidates for this role are elementary particles.
The totality of Souls, existing in the Universe, along with Ether (Spirit), created and destroyed in them, forms the Soul of the World - Anima Mundi.
At the end of every Christian prayer we use the following expression: "In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit."
This we can attribute to a number of inaccurate phrases. And all because, the concept of "Father" in this case symbolizes the Mother, the Matter, the Original Substance, the First Aspect of God. The concept of the "Son" is a Soul. But the "Holy Spirit" - it is precisely the "Spirit", the Second Aspect, the Light.
The Matter in this prayer afterward is not mentioned. This is not surprising, given for what period of human history had the formation of Christianity. The concept of "matter" is synonymous with the concept of "Mother" - that is, feminine. In the harsh patriarchy the feminine principle entirely subordinate and enslaves, hereof the neglect of it by the fathers of the Christian church.
Therefore more right to say: "In the Name of the Mother, the Son, and the Holy Spirit," where the Holy Spirit - the Father. Or you can like this: "In the Name of the Mother, the Father and the Son." But why is in the name of the Son, and not of the Daughter? Even better: "In the name of the Mother, the Father, and of their Child."
What are the Spirit and Soul? With which can we compare them?
First, in no case we can’t give them the features of something eternal, permanent. The only eternal substance that exists in the Universe - it is the very Space, the Matter. While the Spirit (Ether) and Souls (elementary particles) as already mentioned are the altered state of Space, disturbance in it.

We can compare the Spirit with ripples on the surface of the pond. Although, of course, the Spirit does not a ripple. It is ephemeral, immaterial and illusory. A Ripple distorts the shape of the water surface, but the water all the same remains the water. The same applies to the Spirit. It distorts the state of the Space, but the Space does not stop to be itself. The particles - are also a "ripple", but of a different kind than the Ether.
And yet, in spite of the illusory nature of Spirit and Soul, for us, creatures built by them, they are more than real.
We call the fundamental particles and chemical elements of science "stuff". However, the real materiality has only the Space itself. Particles are as ephemeral as the ether. That is why the world of what we call "substance" and “matter” – is the world of Spirit and the Souls formed by it are in esoteric literature the world of Maya, illusion.
Think about:
We and the world around us like the Universe - it's just a disturbance in the space. And the Space itself - this is the only thing that creates us, by what (or whom) "we live and move and have our being". And the true and profound nature of this Space has been yet closed to the human understanding.

You can’t assume that the particles and the Ether were once created by God (the Mother), and after this "he" (“she”) left them "at rest" and they are in themselves, and the Creator is itself.
No. These centers have emerged and continue to exist, thanks to unceasing "creativity" of the First Logos. Will stop this creative act – will stop their existence.
Every millimeter of the space, regardless of created by it in itself elementary particles and ether, has a mind, consciousness. The whole universe is reasonable, and not just us humans.
But let us return once more to the "dispute of the models of space" – Euclidean-Newton space and Einstein space.
Einstein was right in something relatively to the basic structure of the Universe. The "something" that exists in Space (the Spirit) is in a mobile state, and can flex.
But as the Space does not flex, the shortest distance between two points is a segment, the line. Therefore, we should not doubt the Euclidean geometry – the science studying of methods and laws of measurements of space and matter. But the measurement of the segments with the help of curves we should regard as erroneous.
Science through any technical means, in the laboratory, will never be able to directly see the nature of the Ether and elementary particles.  Only indirectly, by studying the interaction of the particles with each other.
But the very human mind, the human "I" can come close to solving this greatest of mysteries - to the knowledge of the essence of the Creator, creating us in itself and of itself.
When you look at the surrounding bodies, constantly keep in mind that there is nothing but elementary particles (Souls) of varying quality and the Ether (the Spirit), penetrating particles, created by them and disappearing into them.
“There is no spoon…”

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