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The First Aspect of Creator – the Matter – is the Primal Substance, the Virgin Mother (Virgin Mary, Maya, Isis, Eve).
It produces in itself and from itself the Second Aspect - Father, Spirit, Light, Mind, Thought, Fire, Mahat, Buddhi, Christ, Buddha, Osiris, Energy, Power, thermogen, Fohat, Purusha, Ether, Astral Light ... The list of synonyms is long enough.
The Spirit in the Matter is not in the passive state. She gives birth to him. And then he becomes her son-brother-husband.
She "shall come" with him in the union, and together they form the whole manifested Universe.
The Universe consists of Souls - elementary particles.
Mother and Father, Water and Fire manifest together in the Building Blocks, Seven Principles, Ah-hi, Seven Rishis,  Seven Brothers, Seven Sons, Seven Sephiroth, that are seven main types of existing in the Universe elementary particles.
They should also be called as Monads, Atoms.
Other names for them: Wheels, Circles, Kundalini, Chakras, Snakes, biting their own tails, Dragons of Wisdom, Bindu.
The word "Wheel" very accurately reflects the mechanism of manifestation. The Spirit rotates in the Matter (through time) – it is born and disappears. This is a Wheel, a Soul,  a whirlwind, a spirillum, a power center.
The Soul – is the Spirit rotated in the Matter.
And the Spirit - is an altered state of Matter, a sort of "Ripple", "Vibrations", although, of course, it's not a ripple or vibration.

The Spirit - is the Voice, the Logos, the Word, the Breath, the Movement.
Shiva, Brahma-Vishnu – is the Hindu Trimurti.
Shiva - is the Mother, Brahma – is the Father, the Spirit, and Vishnu - is the Soul.

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