четверг, 2 октября 2014 г.



Sometimes, when we get tired of the every day vanity, we begin to dream about some boundless ocean.
The ocean in this case - it's just a symbol. Best reflects the essence of this "Ocean" clear, cloudless blue of the evening sky. You want to sink in it, dissolve, absorb it, to breathe, to sail into it, to become part of it.
The word "Ocean" best reflects the presence in the emptiness of some an uncharted, unknown, mysterious, entailing depth. In this Heavenly Ocean, perhaps, there is anything that only possible, as well as the abyss that we simply can not imagine. There is a bliss, peace and tranquility. But at the same time there is a power, gust and speed. And in all of this there is greatness and goodness, and omniscience, and an understanding of absolutely everything, and the absence of any mysteries, taboos and ignorance. This is alluring infinity, the true home of all of us. And with that this is the eternal exciting journey.

What can be compared to the universe that appears before human consciousness after death, and rarely in life? Countless Souls (elementary particles) at the same pace, like ocean waves, rolled on you, merged in a single whole and washed plunging into this ocean consciousness. And it becomes a part of that ocean, ceasing to feel their self and dissolving into the One Impersonal. And dive into that One - great bliss, with which not all earthly feelings and experiences can be put on a par.

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