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The Fabric of the Space (the Great Void), the Absolute, and the Primal Substance – it’s the Internal Plan from which the Spirit proceeds, which is the basis of what is happening here, as part of the Manifested Universe.
Everything that exists, everything that happens in the Universe, all arising Soul - all this is secondary to the internal plans.
The Internal Plan, Spatial Fabric – this is the most sacred things for which we pray, and that is our foundation and generating start.
The Internal Plan - this is It, Something, in the occult with it not the Male Origin relates with it, but namely Female – the Mother. The Spirit, the Altered State of the Matter together with the Mother in the esotericism we call by the Creator.
The Souls (elementary particles, atoms, monads) – it’s a kind of portals, gates, the windows of the Creator into our world, the world of the Manifested Universe. Through these "doors" the Creator communicates with the world that It creates.
Elementary particles – are the points of "transmission and gathering of information" and Information – that is the Spirit, Energy.
The Internal Plan (Spatial Fabric) – this is a fundamental principle and the store of all sorts of information about everything that ever was, is, and will be performed in this Universe, and that it was within this "Fabric" and what happened with it yet before this version of the Universe arose.
Before anything arises in the world of this Manifested Universe, it is already present on the Internal Plan. The Internal Plan – it’s a world of Ideas. And this world manifests by means of the Force Centers (Souls) and Ether (Energy, Spirit) flowing through them.
There are not two dimensions – separately for the Internal Plan, and separately – for the Manifested Universe. All are in the same volume of space. It is also present here and the Internal Plan, and here – the phenomenal world.
Internal Plan permeates, integrates and imbues its creation – the visible Universe.
"“I exist, supporting this whole world by one part of myself” (Bhagavad-gita, 10:42).
"One part of myself" in this case – is Ether (Spirit) coming from the Internal Plan.
Ether – it’s "directives of God," its instructions for manifested world, its Word, the Logos. This coded signal by which information is sent from the Internal Plan into the world of creation.
Ether – is information, Ether – is the Force, Energy.
Absolutely every elementary particle gets this information. The proof of this is the fact that Ether arises (creates) in absolutely each elementary particle.
This impulse like the signal of locator is sent to the world. It exists here until it disappears in some elementary particle (the same or different).
Any elementary particle – is its own window into the Universe. Ether, appearing in every elementary particle – is information just for it and about it. It's like a view of the Universe from the point of view of exactly this particle. In this information contains the entire history of existence and movement of this particle within the boundaries of the Universe. With what particles it contacted and when, in the composition of what bodies and the beings it entranced. This information which arises in the particle as nascent Ether – is its Consciousness.
Any elementary particle – is an Atom, truly indivisible Elementary Unit of Genesis. Just about this Consciousness of the Atom and tried to tell us Alice Bailey and her Teacher Djwhal Khul in the book with the same title – “The Consciousness of the Atom”. Although in the book they does not say about the synonymity of the concepts "Atom" and "elementary particle" (it is alleged here). And the Atom in her book – it’s likely the Atom of physicists and chemists, i.e. the one where many elementary particles are collected (here, in this book, we call it a conglomerate of the particles or by an unstable elementary particle).
But somehow, in her work is present extremely important idea of the ability of Atom to recognize that happens to it, to feel the reality and make a conscious and purposeful choices about where and what kind of particles (other Atoms) to stay.
A Life History of any elementary particle is available to the whole Creator, the whole Spatial Fabric.
Another name for the Consciousness of the Atom – is Akasha.
In Sanskrit ākāśa translated as "space", "sky". The Sanskrit word "Akasha" is synonymous with "Ether", "Energy", "Information", "Force".
The Akashic Records – it’s the information about every existing elementary particle, written by the Creator (Spirit) on the Spatial Basis. And these chronics, this Consciousness manifests into the world of this Universe as Ether (Energy), arising in any elementary particle.
Ether, disappearing in a particle – it’s like its "report" for the Internal Plan, information about what is happening with the particle at the moment. This is a view of the universe from the standpoint of this particular soul.
Karma – is a cause-and-effect relation – it’s also one of the indications of existence of the gyre of information.
When Ether is destroyed in a particle, it in such way "gets” on the Internal Plan, carrying information of what happened to the particle. And in the end it becomes the cause for the consequence – for the arising in the particles of Ether, which is nothing other than information. Information is embodied and manifested until it is replaced by new information – new Ether, which is dissolved in the particle.
Any elementary particle is a "twisted" in space and time, flowing Ether (Spirit, Energy, Force).
"Movement in time" means that Ether (Energy) is born in the particle, exists some time in the world and then disappears (is destroyed) or in the same particle, or in others, which absorbed this Ether.
Ether rotation in a particle, as such, does not exist. A gyre of Ether (Energy) – it’s a figure of speech, referring specifically to the movement in the time.
The radius of all existing elementary particles is the same. Ether is born in the central area of the sphere of elementary particles, in a Zone of Creation, with certain speed (which depends on the internal quality of the particle). Thereafter, it is uniformly radiated in all directions from this central point and moves linearly until it reaches the "surface sphere".
A Zone of Destruction – it’s an area where Ether disappears (is destroyed). This zone is "anyway" what kind of Ether to destroy – that arose in this particle or entering from the side. Ether destruction occurs in it with a certain speed corresponding to its internal quality (as in the case of creation speed).
It turns out that Ether in a particle passes a certain way in a straight line from the center to the periphery, before to destroy in the area of periphery.
As you can see, there is not happening of real rotation of Ether. Rotation in this case should be taken not literally but figuratively, as well as, for example, the vibrational processes which often are not real fluctuations in space but the cyclic changes of some process.
An elementary particle (Soul) – it’s the flowing in the Matter Spirit. And every moment of time some region of Space (Matter), belonging to the concrete Consciousness (Spirit) is an area of particular certain "I". All other particles involved by other Consciousness (Spirits), the particle perceives to it as "Not-I".
We can say that all other particles for a given particle are strangers, outsiders, other than it. The Spirit forming a given particle is its Consciousness, its "I".
The Spirit that is concentrated in a given area of the Space – and it is the Soul.
For this particle (Soul) is its own private Chronics, its own Record, history, ongoing since its inception and a recorded by the Matter. The Matter, where impulse (Spirit) manifests, is the Soul. The Soul – is the Spirit, they are, in fact, are one and the same. Spirit is taken not in a general sense, and in particular, in relation to a given region of the Space, to a given elementary particle. It is the Soul, the Consciousness of this given elementary particle.
Thus, all of the definitions that we use in respect of the Spirit, in principle, are to the same extent suitable for the Soul. The Spirit – is Light, Fire, Energy and Electricity. And the Soul – is Light and Fire, and Energy and Electricity. Each Spirit is considered not in general and in the specific sense is flowing information about everything that has happened to this elementary particle from the first moment after the beginning of its existence.
Elementary particles are able to move in the Space in any direction, to change their location in every possible way. So information – the Consciousness of some particular elementary particle – does not belong to any particular fixed area of the Space. No, information – it’s the emerging Spirit – the altered state of the Matter. Apparently, this greatest Architect and Builder – the Matter (Space) – itself at every moment of time It knows and decides what is each formed by it the Single Spirit – i.e. the Soul. After all, exactly the Matter – this is the reason and the source of any Spirit. After all, the Spirit – it's just the certain way modified Matter, no more.
Do not be confused by the fact that in the occultism as in detail the Spirit and the Soul are discussed. They are, in a way, the fictions. There is nothing but the Matter, the Substance. She – the cause of all, of all visible phenomena. All the sources are in it, all the roots. All Spirits, all Souls – are nothing more than a names for what happens to the Mother, and that happens to her.
Thus, namely the Matter is the cause of emergence in it of the unimaginably big number of areas of the altered state – information fields – the Spirits in the specific sense, i.e. the Souls.
It creates and forms these elementary particles, these information fields inside itself, and directs by them, determines their quality, plays with them, makes them each moment of time.
Just the Matter sets for the particles the "rules of the game" – speaking the language of science, determines the Laws of Nature. Because the Nature – it’s the Matter, the Absolute, the Original Substance.
Consciousness, which is the Soul, the Spirit in a specific sense – it’s, figuratively speaking, the drawing created by the Matter inside itself, who is both an artist and canvas and palette and brush. How else to explain that every elementary particle – is an inexhaustible source of the Spirit (Energy, Information), which forms the particle itself.
Atom is truly inexhaustible in the sense of Energy. However, the truly endless Atom – this is an elementary particle, not Atom of physicist or chemist.
The latest is just even possible to "scoop to the bottom".
Not every atom (elementary particle) emits its energy-information to the outside, only the particles Yang.
While the particles Yin not only emits the Energy-Information, but also have to absorb another emitted by the particles Yang.
Any particle has the ability to aware its location in space, in the overall scheme of Genesis. It really understands where it is currently located and what kinds of particles surround it. It is aware of the quality of all particles around at the moment – i.e. they emit the Energy-information or absorb it, and with what speed. That is, the particle actually knows and remembers where and when, at what time and in what combination, in which "company" of the particles it stayed and there was.
At the same time, the particle does not know anything about those particles, with which it does not contact or whose Ether does not reach it (we are talking about the particles Yang, because exactly they does not emit Ether).
It is interesting to feel yourself in the midst of the elementary particles of various types. An amazing feeling covers you when you realize that everything that surrounds you, that's all – nothing but the sentient tiniest Lives, Spirits, Souls, Consciousness. Everywhere around you there are the Forces, information, energy, electromagnetic fields, which nothing more than the enumeration of synonyms.
Fiction and non-fiction is full of images of Forces, Energies, existing in everything and everywhere, affecting, influencing each other, which are transmitted from person to subjects and biological organisms and back. Movies and TV shows are literally overflowing by the similar ideas. Magic, magic rituals – it’s an area of knowledge that allows understanding what the souls are around you, and gives information about how to contact with these souls and to interact.
Any object in our environment consists of chemical elements. Chemical elements consist of elementary particles (souls). A Soul – is the Spirit, Information considered in relation to this area, to this elementary particle.
People from time immemorial feel and imprint in their oeuvre, as well as just in a common-sense thinking, the idea of transferring something invisible from body to body. The most commonly for naming of this transferring invisible "Something" it’s used the concept of "Force". In the last centuries has become extremely popular the word "Energy". But whatever the concept, the essence and the meaning of the idea remain the same. So the concept of Soul and of the ability of different Souls to interact with each other for a long time is very close and clear for the large percentage of people living on our planet.
Let's summarize our arguments on the subject of the Memory, Consciousness of the Soul.
The basic nature of the Spirit – Information, Energy, Ether – is everywhere the same. In any elementary particle (the soul) there is born and is disappeared the same "Something", one of the names of that is the "Spirit".
The general nature of the Spirit is the same, but there are differences. But these differences relate to the particles, but not to the basis of the Spirit.
First, the Spirit is born and is disappeared in the particles at different speed – that is the cause of differences in the quality of the particles and in its external manifestation (the Fields of Attraction or Repulsion, and their magnitude). But these differences are of the particles and not the Spirit therein.
A second point concerns the content of the Spirit that is born in each particle, information about all contacts of the particle from its "birth". But this “information” feature of the Spirit is no way connected with its inner nature, which makes it that it is.
Please note, that these two factors and are the cause of the differences that we (ourselves being nothing more than clusters of elementary particles) feel, sense, perceive, contacting with other particles, or rather, with their emitted Spirit (Energy, Information).
We perceive: 1) a particle absorbs the Spirit (Ether), or emits, and at what speed - so we appreciate the quality of the particles; 2) directly the history of particles transmitted as part of this same Spirit, that is, all contacts with other particles from the moment of emergence of the particle.
Can you imagine how much information we and everything around us pass through ourselves!
Each particle – this is a sensitive mechanism, which responds sensitively to their surroundings and ethereal flows that act on it, pass through it, and in which it is involved.
Of course, we do these "ethereal blows" as a rule, do not observe visually. But our thoughts and feelings – that's a real indicator as to what ethereal (information) waves we perceive at the moment.
We live in an ocean of information waves, energy fields. And a totality of 4 bodies that form the human body is actually quite nice to know how to navigate in this sea of flows.
Take, for example, the same olfactory analyzer. How many smells, flavors it keeps in its “memory”! An infinite number of variations. And all of this data bank is stored, updated and used without any special effort on the part of human “I” – the particles that form the body of the Buddhic Plan. "Working" with smells – it’s a concern of the Mental Plan – its average levels.
Why do we make such conclusion? Because the sense of smell was formed in the animal kingdom. Each scent – is stored information (memory) of a combination of any number of information (ethereal) waves of a certain quality received to the brain through the nose. Of course, not ethereal waves of the smelled molecules of substances “fly” into our brains. No, the transfer of information occurs due to movement along the nerves of the elementary particles, assimilated the information in the olfactory bulbs. Reaching the brain particles transmitted the imprinted information to the particles in the chemical elements of the brain cells. And this information becomes available to the particles of the Mental Plan, which are “work” with it.
And these processes constantly occur in our bodies. Everything in and around us is involved in an endless cycle of perception, storage, processing and transmission of Information (in other words, the Spirit, Ether). And an only tool of all this – is an elementary particle (Soul). It is the storage medium of everything, with anything came in contact, and in what was involved.
We kindly ask you not for a moment forget that, in spite of the fact that people analyze and give the names to all, for example, the same Souls (particles). However, this analysis and this naming bring us a little to comprehension the true meaning of things. Sometimes even the opposite – separates.

An example of how sometimes the naming might confuse people, can serve as lists of synonyms for each of the three aspects of God. The names are many – the heart is one. However, the analysis is absolutely essential to human beings in order to correctly navigate in the around world and to survive in it the best way possible.

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