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Vishnu corresponds to the sattva-guna. Bhrigu Muni checked this kicking Vishnu by foot in the chest. This did not put Vishnu out of balance, Brahma manifested Raja and Shiva - Tama-guna ... The Hindu texts narrate so.
Vishnu (Sanskrit "comprehensive") - in Hinduism is one of the most important and most revered gods; with Shiva and Brahma, he forms the divine triad, Trimurti: Vishnu – is the keeper of the Universe, majestic and terrible at the same time, but less formidable than Shiva. Vaishnavites, devotees of Vishnu, consider him the supreme god - one of his epithets - "supreme god". Brahman, the Hindu concept of the "Absolute" or the ultimate reality, is sometimes depicted as Vishnu. According to one of the myths from the navel of Vishnu emerged the lotus flower - and seated in the center of the flower Brahma began the act of creation.
The very name of “Shiva” emerged as one of the euphemistic epithet of Rudra, created to propitiate the terrible God, but hereinafter the “Rudra” became an epithet of Shiva. The Residence of Rudra is in the north, away from other gods, correlated with the east, explains the interpretation of the deity as an alien (despite the fact that he was considered as the father of the gods of the storm of Maruts) to the Vedic Gods. A legend of the destruction by him of Daksha's sacrifice indirectly indicates on the complexity of his inclusion in the main Hindu pantheon - a legend which, according to some assumptions, was the subject of early Indian ritual drama-Natak. According to this legend (Mahabharata, Vishnu Purana, Vayu Purana), when the deity of Aditya the Daksha performed a sacrifice to the Himalayas, having invited to a feast all the gods, except Rudra-Shiva, the last with his "horde" arranged pogrom and destroy the victim, and agrees to restore it only when he will receive a share due to him. Having achieved this Shiva enters into the supreme pantheon, occupying there gradually all the higher place and pushing into the background many of the major.
So Vishnu – is the preserver of the universe, Brahma – is the creator, Shiva - the destroyer.
Vishnu – is Sattva, Brahma (Brahman) – Rajas, Shiva - Tamas.
As we have said, the Matter, the Spirit and the Soul - are in doubt concepts in the occult.
On the one hand, they serve as the definitions for the global categories as the Original Substance (the Matter), its altered state (the Spirit) and elementary particles (Souls).
On the other hand, Matter, Spirit and Soul - these are concepts that we use to characterize the quality of the particles and their organized systems - representatives of the various Kingdoms of Nature.
The particles absorbing the Spirit (Ether), referred to as the "Matter" and emitting the Spirit (Ether) will be named the "Spirit".
Accordingly, conglomerates of Souls, where the particles of the type "Matter" dominate from the point of view of the occult, we should call as the Matter. From the position of the huns, they have a tamasic nature.
Bodies, where the particles of the type "Spirit" dominate, we should call as the Spirit. From the position of the huns, their nature is rajasic.
As for the bodies where the particles of both types are equally, we should attribute them to the type of "Soul". This is the true sattva, i.e. a harmony of Rajas and Tamas.
Thus, the Trimurti of Hinduism - Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu - the three of the Godhead, which embody the elementary particle in terms of their quality. The particles and the bodies formed by them - Tamas, Rajas and Sattva.
Vishnu – is the Deity of harmony - the Bodhisattva.
Brahma and Shiva are consistent with such Christian characters as Abel and Cain.

Or we can say otherwise – this is Yin and Yang.
Brahma – is Rajas, Abel, Yang.
Shiva – is Tamas, Cain, Yin.
Brahma – it’s evolution, Exhale, Day, Manvantara. This creative act of the Spirit forms the Universe. That is why Brahma - Creator.
Shiva - is involution, Inhale, Night, Pralaya (dissolution). This is - the destruction of the creative impulse. That is why Shiva - the Destroyer.
The proof that exactly Shiva is Cain is the fact that Rudra-Shiva captures part of the sacrifices of Vishnu and Brahma with the battle.
The idea of Sacrifice in Hinduism, in this case resonates with the idea of sacrifice in the Old Testament.
There Cain and Abel brought the sacrifice to the God, and Cain killed Abel because God had preferred Abel’s incense smoke. Shiva also he gets a sacrifice with the battle.
"Incense smoke of sacrifice" - is Ether (the manifested Word, the Spirit), and Shiva (Cain) lacks to it, so he takes it from Brahma (Abel) and Vishnu.
It’s the same with the particles Yin. They create Ether a little, so they absorb external.
Let's talk more about Cain and Abel.
Eve (Mulaprakriti, Mother) gave birth to two sons - Cain and Abel. Cain and Abel brought gifts to the God: Cain - fruits, Abel - sheep. And the God preferred the Abel's gift. What does all this mean?
Cain and Abel - are the Souls (particles) arisen in the body of Eve (in the Primordial Matter), Yin and Yang. For all their properties, they – are the exact opposite of each other. Calling of Cain - is the Earth. This alone indicates that the Soul, called Cain, immersed into this element. So there is - Yin particles in the heavenly bodies are in the most number.
What does it mean – the God had preferred the gift of Abel and had not the gift of Cain?
Incense smoke, fragrance, pleasing to the God – it’s the Word of God, Spirit, nascent in every Soul.
The particles "Abel" generate a lot of incense smoke - give birth to a lot of Spirit.
In particles "Cain" the Word of God is born poorly - at the end they do not emit it at all, and absorb.
Cain killed Abel out of jealousy.
The God said to him: "What did you do? The voice of thy brother's blood is crying to me from the ground. And now you are cursed from the earth, which hath opened its mouth to receive your brother's blood from thy hand"(Genesis, Chapter 4:10).
Of course, the murder in reality was not. It is an allegory.
"The Voice of brother’s blood" - is the Word of God, born in Abel and coming through him, this is the emitted Spirit.
Because the particles "Abel" give birth to a lot of Spirit, and "Cain" – a little, recent absorb its brother's voice - that is, the Word of God is gone out through Abel. It is through the Souls of Cain the excess Akasha of Abel flows down into the earth, "which has opened its mouth" - that is, returns to the Matter gave birth to it.
Remember the Stanza of the book Dzyan.
In Stanza 4.1 we can read: "... Listen, ye Sons of the Earth, to your Instructors - the Sons of the Fire".
Sons of the Earth – are the particles Yin, Matter, Shiva, Cain.
Sons of the Fire – are the particle Yang, Spirit, Brahma, Abel.
The Sons of the Earth, i.e. Yin particles literally “listen” to the Sons of the Fire, i.e. Yang particles, because they have to absorb the Ether emitted by them. We remind you that Ether - is information.
And now a few words about the Destroyers and Creators mentioned in Stanza 6.6: "There were Battles fought between the Creators and the Destroyers, and Battles fought for Space".
Also, in the comments to the Stanza 7 EP Blavatsky speaks of the Creators and the Devourers, and the Builders and Destroyers.
All these epithets refer to the Fiery Lives, which are also Sparks, Monads, Atoms, Force Centers, elementary particles.
Creators, Builders – are the Yang. Eaters, Destroyers – are the Yin.
"Atom… It creates and kills; it is self-generating and self-destroying; it brings into being, and annihilates ..." ("The Secret Doctrine", 1).

Self-generating of the Atom (elementary particle) - is a creation of Ether in it, self-destroying - is a disappearance (destruction) of Ether. This is everything that we talk about the functions of any elementary particle.

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