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Seven Rays, Seven Brothers, Seven Sephiroth, Seven Rishis, Seven Sons, Seven Spirits, Seven Principles ... The list is longer, and in what follows, we present other synonyms.
We not by chance have collected these expressions and lined them up in a row. They all represent the same thing - seven qualitatively distinct each of other emanations of God.
If to express a more familiar language, it is nothing like the Seven Colors of the rainbow.
However, it should also be noted here that in the rainbow, i.e. in the spectrum, there are seven colors and not six. The seventh color, as in the case of the Seventh Plan is a comprehensive, combining six simple.
Although if we will be completely accurate, only three main colors of six simple - red, yellow and blue – we can consider as truly simple.
Three additional - orange, green and purple - are the combinations of the main colors.
However, three additional colors - orange, green and purple - can also be attributed to a number of simple, together with the main colors, as compared with the seventh color - complex.
The seventh color - it's a rainbow, spectrum, all six colors together.
As for the clearly expressed light blue stripe in the rainbow, its reason - the blue color of the atmosphere. Available oxygen in the ozone status and oxygen in the molecules of water are an additional source of light blue photons. Admixture to the blue of infrared photons and makes the color blue, i.e. light blue. This explanation is brief, see more in other books of this series “Esoteric Natural Science”, devoted to questions of physics – for example, “Ethereal mechanics” or “Optics”.
The most detailed demonstration of the meaning of what are the "Seven Rays" we can find in the pages of the works of writer-occultist Alice Bailey, of the disciple of one of the Himalayan Mahatmas, Djwhal Khul. The cycle of her books just wears this name - "A Treatise on the Seven Rays".
"The Great Breath digs through Space seven holes into Laya to cause them to circumgyrate during Manvantara" (Secret Doctrine I, 147).
"Seven holes into Laya" - are also names of the Seven Rays.
"Holes in Space" – is a very appropriate way, as if we are really talking about these "holes", "windows" through which the flows of the Spirit stream  out into the world.
"Water of Life" - that is the Spirit - pours through the "holes of the space" into this world and "floods" it in such way, i.e. generates.
So what is the origin of the expression "The Seven Rays"? And what is the "Ray"?
"3.The Hour had not yet struck; the Ray had not yet flashed into the Germ; the Mâtripadma had not yet swollen.
4.Her Heart had not yet opened for the One Ray to enter, thence to fall, as Three into Four,into the Lap of Maya"(Stanzas 2.3;2.4).
“3. Darkness radiates Light, and Light drops one solitary Ray into the Waters, into the Mother-Deep. The Ray shoots through the Virgin Egg, the Ray causes the Eternal Egg to thrill, and drop the non-eternal Germ, which condenses into the World-Egg.
4. The Three fall into the Four. The Radiant Essence becomes Seven inside, Seven outside. …” (Stanza 3.3;3.4).
"Matripadma" – is the Matter, however, as well as the "Darkness", "Water", "Mother-Deep" and "Virgin Egg". All these words are synonyms of the first aspect of the Creator - the Original Substance.
"From the Effulgency of Light - the Ray of the Ever-Darkness - sprang in Space the reawakened Energies" (Stanza 4.3).
"Light" - is the Spirit of the Second Aspect of the Creator, a product of the Mother, her First-Born Son.
"The Ray of the Ever-Darkness” – is the Spirit, he is Light, Fire, Ether, Energy and Information.
Single "Ray" – is a Soul, a private, a concrete manifestation of the total, one Spirit.
Why do we use the word "Ray"? Probably, because in real life light moves in the form of rays. And a Ray – is a form of the path traveled by light particles.
Perhaps we use the word "Ray" also because the Light (Spirit) is characterized by the Movement – namely, by rotation trough time. In each elementary particle (the Soul) it appears, and then disappears.
 In general, in the occultism, the "Movement" is one of synonymous names for the Spirit. The Spirit (Light) rotates. Perhaps this is why the Light moving in the Souls is called the "Ray".

And every Soul - this is a concrete, separate "Ray of Light" (Spirit).

In the Alice Bailey's "Esoteric Psychology" is another name used for the Rays - a "stream of energy, emanating from the God Almighty". Or there are other names - "line of force" or simply "the Force". So, when you find in the works of this author these expressions, keep in mind that this is the same thing as the "Soul".
"Then come the Sons, the Seven Fighters, the One, the Eight left out, and his Breath which is the Light-Maker" (Stanza 4.5).
"The Seven Fighters" - this is one of the synonyms to refer to the Seven Rays, Seven types of Souls.
"Eighth Son, Eighth Fighter" - this is just the Spirit itself, taken in the generalized sense, which manifests itself in every of the remaining seven sons.
The Spirit himself is the Son of the Mother, her Firstborn. However, it’s taken generally, considered as a whole. It does not form a shape, i.e. does not form the elementary particles. That's why it is said about him that he had left aside.
"…his Breath which is the Light-Maker" - in fact, the Spirit - this is the Breath and the fact that gives light.
So, the Seven Rays, Seven Brothers, Seven Sephiroth, seven Rishis, Seven Sons, Seven Spirits, Seven Principles – this is nothing like Seven types of Souls, seven types of elementary particles, which we can found at any level of any Plan.

With regard to specific physical reasons of why particles of red, yellow and blue colors are combined to form three additional colors - orange, green and purple - and together they form the six colors of the rainbow – we describe them in detail in the book devoted to the Optics (series “Esoteric Natural Science”), in the articles, relating the color theory and mechanism of occurrence of spectrum. Here we only mention that only moving particles can create a rainbow.
We will say few words about the inclusion of the concepts "Seven Rishi" and "Seven Sephiroth" into the list of synonyms for the seven types of Souls.
Rishi (sometimes - rsi, Skt. Rsi - seer, sage) – are sages in Hinduism, to whom the Gods opened the Vedic hymns. Already in the Rigveda we find seven main "great" Rishi... Some of Rishi are repeated in the number of Prajapati, of which first seven also was, then eight or even ten. To the very ancient features of the seven rishis it belongs their identification with the seven stars of the Great Bear, based, perhaps, on the harmony of the words "Rishi" and «rksha» («Bear» al-Greek.. Άρκτος, Lat. Ursus). Hence there is the tradition that the Rishis were before the bears. Their number (seven) usually placed in connection with a number of different categories of priests mentioned in the Vedic texts".
The existence of the seven categories of the priests, or else the seven types of Rishi - is nothing but an indication for the existence of different groups of Souls.
A Priest - is the one who communicates with God.
Any Soul (elementary particle) we can regard as a kind of bridge, a connection link between the Internal Plan of the Creator and this Manifested world.

Hence the use of the image of the Seven Rishis is a symbol of the Seven major types of shower, or the Seven Rays, in another way.

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