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The Hierarchy – is a concept which relates to all the same Seven Builders,  Seven Principles of the Universe (Seven Brothers, Seven Rishis, etc.), i.e., to the Seven main types of Souls.
The Builder – this is the Monad (Atom, particle, Power Center, etc.).
As you know, in the manifested Universe there are seven Plans. Moreover, the Seventh is the entire Universe as whole or some being that includes all 6 simple Plans (such being we name as Mahatma).
At any level of any Plan originally there were three types of Monads (particles). They correspond to three primary colors - blue, yellow and red. The blue create the Spirit with the lowest speed, red – with the highest. Yellow – have the intermediate speed.
The blue – are Yin. The red – are Yang. The yellow on the lower Plans act as Yin (absorb the Spirit), and on the upper – Yang (emit).
We can divide every Plan into small ranges. Within each of these ranges from upper to lower the speed of absorption of the Spirit (the value of Fields of Attraction) increases – in the particles Yin, and the speed of emission rate (the value of the Field of Repulsion) falls – in the particles Yang.
If the source of particles (any heated body) emits these three basic types of particles, and they move (of course, by inertia), then provided the same initial momentum making them to move, they will move with a different speed due to that each of these particles will have its own Force of Repulsion, making it to move forward.
It is because the difference in the speed of the particles of different types, they are arranged in a spectrum – a rainbow. This is because the particles of the violet end of the spectrum move more slowly and of the red – faster.
As a result, the violet ones better attracted by the action of the Force of Attraction of the chemical elements of the material through which they pass, after what there is a spectrum.
Hence, the Hierarchy – it is the totality of the particles of the same color that permeates all six (actually, seven) Plans.

Elementary particles of the same Hierarchy have the same color. In other words they are on the same Ray.

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