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Eve - is the human body, collection of particles of the Physical, Astral and Mental Plans.
Adam - is a "Human Consciousness", "Human I", bodies-shells of particles of the Buddhic Plan. If we use the terms "Matter" and "Spirit" in the form in which they are used in most esoteric books, the Spirit is particles of higher plans with respect to particles of lower Plans. And the Matter is particles of lower Plans with respect to the particles of higher Plans.
Then Adam - Buddhic particles - this is the Spirit with respect to Eve – the Matter - particles of Physical, Astral and Mental Plans, forming in total the densest aspects of the human body.
The concept of "Matter" is well consistent with the female maternal principle. While the concept of "Spirit" has always been identified with the male, paternal origin by considering men as carriers of the supreme principle, and women – as the lowest. This is not surprising if to consider the domination of males over females. Hence, it becomes clear that served as the basis for the biblical parable about Adam and Eve. Adam – a man - has become the personification of the Human Soul – Human I. And Eve – a woman – is the symbol of the human body.
At the outset of the parable we say that originally Adam and Eve lived in Paradise. Here we should look at what is Heaven and Hell.
Heaven and Hell - are the states of consciousness. Heaven (Paradise) – is a state of peace, absence of conflicts, confrontation. Hell - it's the opposite state - fighting, separating, and discord.
Staying of Adam and Eve in Paradise means that in earlier eras of human existence as a species, the Soul (I) was still asleep. It was a period of human childhood. A Consciousness is not yet awakened, not mixed with the human body - with Eve. In our ordinary sleep a consciousness separates from the body and stays nearby but does not merge with the cerebral cortex. During waking consciousness penetrates deep into the cortex.
Particles of the Buddhic Plan fill the gaps between elements in the cortical cells. It occurs that what is called as to "regain consciousness". When the human mind (Soul) is merged with the cortex - the person is awake.
While Adam "was sleeping" in Paradise - that is, was in a state of blissful ignorance, Eve was tempted and seduced by the Devil (aka - Serpent, Satan), offering to "her" to eat the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil.
Who is the Devil, and what means "to taste the forbidden fruit?"
The Devil (D'evl) - this is a general name for the whole collections of particles of Physical, Astral and Mental Planes. Seduction and temptation of Eve by Devil means that the human body is made up of particles of only these Plans was (and is) the part of the Devil. The body deprived of close contact with particles of the Buddhic Plan (the Human Soul) as the guiding principle obeys to the memory stored in the body. The Temptation of the Devil - is the adherence to its information programs.
The Tree of Knowledge of good and evil - it's our entire Universe is involved in the process of combining particles of all plans. Proposal by Eve to Adam the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil symbolizes the process of involving particles of the Buddhic Plan in the process of building the Logoic Plan that is our Universe.
That moment when Adam eats "fruit" symbolizes the fusion process of the Human Soul (Buddhic consciousness) with the Body. This moment of merger corresponds to the expulsion of Adam and Eve from Paradise.
In the parable does not say that after the expulsion from Eden, Adam and Eve go to Hell. But the way it is. Heaven and Hell - are two main and the only possible state of consciousness. It's like two poles. Between them there is an infinite variety of variations. The lack of unity and integrity speaks about the existence of struggle and confrontation (Hell).
When the Soul was merged with the body, it was unhappy that it had to endure. A Consciousness has felt all the hardships of existence in the animal body. "Adam saw the naked", "the need to provide food by hard work", "pregnancy and childbirth in women," and other adversities. All this has become a huge burden for Adam – for Soul that quite accustomed to quite another life in Heaven. A state of blissful ignorance (Paradise) was replaced by a state of frightening knowledge (Hell). A staying in the complex of particles of three lower plans was very difficult.
Prior to the merger of Adam with Eve, he (the soul, Adam) lived in Paradise - this was the state of inexpressible joy. The fact that Eve was appointed as an assistant to Adam points out that human consciousness has more energy and more advanced programs behavior compared with the particles of the three lower plans. The total velocity of the energy (ether) from the body of Buddhic Plan is more. That is why the body becomes an assistant to the soul, but not vice versa.

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