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H.P. Blavatsky identifies Akasha in her works with Mulaprakriti that is not quite true. Mulaprakriti - is the Root-Matter, the Original Substance.
Akasha - does not the Matter that is not the first aspect of Creator. Akasha - it's directly the changing of the material basis. Akasha - is synonymous to the Spirit, the second aspect. Akasha is a Sanskrit word - "visibility", which in itself indicates that the Akasha is related to the state of manifestation. While Mulaprakriti hidden in the "integument, forever unseen." This is - the first place.
Second, the main characteristic of Akasha is "shabda" (sound), which indicates a relationship with the Voice, Speech, Word, the list of synonyms, where each concept represents the way of manifestation of the Spirit in the Matter.
Third, according to the Upanishads, Akasha - is the first element (bhuta), which the Brahman created. And first, as we know, the Spirit was born. The Element of the Matter - it's not the Matter itself, but its altered state. Akasha - this is one of the great elements - Mahabhuta. Akasha - this is the fifth element, formed in the Matter, which combines together all other four elements - Air, Fire, Water and Earth. An Impulse of Manifestations (Akasha), indeed, imbues every point of the space, penetrates any of existing elementary particles.
Fourth, Akasha is characterized by the "inherent light and darkness," and this corresponds to reality. A method of forming of Akasha - is to build of two types of construction units - Light (Yang) and Dark (Yin).

Fifth, Akasha - is a "repository of knowledge and information," and rightfully so, as the Akasha – is the Spirit, and the Spirit - this is information.

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