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The Holy Grail - is the vessel, to where the blood of Christ is going. More precisely, not where it's going, but where it circulates.
This vessel - it's Mother's Womb (Matter) with the Spirit manifested in it - that is, the Soul, an elementary particle. This is the Holy Grail.
The Blood of Christ - is the Serpent of Space (the Dragon of Wisdom), flowing Ether (Spirit) which causes objectivization, the manifestations of this universe.
The expression "the Blood of Christ" is closely linked with other concepts encountered in the occult sources - the "sweat of the Mother", "scum". The Blood of Christ - is the second aspect of God, the "Water of Life", Energy "Will-Be".
The Body of Christ – is a synonym for the Holy Grail – for the Matter with the Spirit manifested in it. The Soul – is the visible Universe.

The blood is flowing in the Body. And as long as the blood flows, the body is alive - that is exists. If the Blood will stop to run, the body will die - disappear.

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