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Christ and Antichrist, Heaven and Hell, Baptism by Fire and Baptism by Water, Spirit and Matter – all these are from the series indicating to the pairs of opposites.
The word “Christianity” has a double meaning.
From one side, this is an real person, holy, Mahatma, who passed through all five Initiations, and acquired during this way the status of a Superhuman and an Ascended Teacher.
From other side – it’s a symbol of the Spirit, the Light, the Fire, and the Father.
Often in the New Testament you can meet a statement that Christos is the Son of God.
All is true. Under the “Son of God” we should understand a repetition in a miniature the image of God – all six Plans are merged together in the body of Christ.
Christ is a symbol of the Spirit. The concept “Spirit”, as you remember, can be used in general meaning as an indication on the Spirit spilled in the Space,   or the Spirit - it's particles with Fields of Repulsion, Yang.
By irony of fate, but most probably just because of misunderstanding the true sense of occult concepts Lucifer in Christianity is opposed to Christ and identified with his antipode – Antichrist.
But Lucifer is just an analog of Christ. An explanation of the meaning of the concept “Lucifer” as an antagonist of Christ is erroneous.
The Church, Bride of Christ, should be considered as a symbol of Matter – in this case as elementary particles with Fields of Attraction, Yin.
But the Bride of Christ – is the Matter deprived of her dominated position.  She is led by Christ – i.e. the Spirit.
There is one more concept in the Christianity that is opposite to Christ – it's Antichrist. So what is it?
Antichrist – it’s the same as the Matter. However unlike the Bride of Christ, it keeps Human’s “I” in prisoner.
Antichrist – it’s the “Beast”, animal principle of the human organism, three sixes (666), three Plans – Physical, Astral and Mental – enslaving the human Soul, the body of the Buddhic Plan.
Christos constitutes the Savior of human “I” from the yoke of the unenlightened Matter, Antichrist. Christ – is two highest Plans – Atmic and Monadic – a spiritual principle as in relation to three lowest Plans, and to the Human Consciousness, related with the Buddhic Plan.
Hell and Heaven are the States of Consciousness.
Hell – it’s an identification of the Human “I” with the material principle, sensation of its headship and insubordination.
The feeling of “Hell” is tightly connected with awakening in the person of the “Beast”, an animal nature, Antichrist.
Exactly the same way Heaven – it’s the state of the Human Consciousness. It’s possible to be in Paradise in the disembodied state, or don't breaking the connection with dense body. The last corresponds to the Buddhist “Staying in Nirvana”. Power over the Matter, control above an animal principle. At the same time, the Matter isn’t just under control. No, she is dissolved in the Spirit, identified with him, she is his part and indivisible whole. We can say that the power is given voluntarily, and the union is based on the love. In accordance with the Law of Identification, there is a subjection of the largest Force (Information). This means that the information, which is transmitted by the most powerful particles Yang (i.e. emitting the Ether with the biggest speed), is the most important and valuable. If to speak by cleanly occult language (not adding the scientific terminology), then such particles can be described as having the most strong and most thin vibrations.
“To take the Christ into the heart” means to identified own inferior material “I” (the heart is a symbol of Astral Principle) with the highest, spiritual Plans, presented in the body, consisting of lager amount of particles Yang. These higher Plans – are the Christ for the inferior Plans. Information of the higher Plans affects on the information of inferior – and rebuilds by such way the lower bodies-shells.
The Human's Soul (shell, consisting of the particles of the Buddhic Plan), experiencing such transforming influence from the Spirit (Christ), becomes “saved”, and it can consider as “staying in the Paradise”.
If the material principle in the human doesn’t subordinate and is an independent Power, able to direct the actions and acts of person, then it can consider that the Human Soul “has got to Hell”.
As you remember, in accordance with the Law of Identification, the last taken information has the most importance. And this state of “most importance” is saved until this information arrived into particles does not “canceled” by the new, more valuable one.
From this it follows the conclusion, relating to the postmortem existence of person.
The state of Human Consciousness, which was typical for him during the life, persists by him as the managing, dominant and after death until another stronger Energy-Information will   affect on him.  
What is this “stronger Information”?
 This is the bodies of essences living in the space, on the higher Plans, and containing bigger percent of particles Yang. They with bigger speed emit Information – i.e. Ether.
All as regards the questions of interaction of Energies-Informations is extremely important for understanding of the main points that happens at “Initiations”.
But it’s not only for this. In surrounding us life we constantly meet with demonstrations of the Law of Identification. We need to learn to differentiate these various manifestations and calmly observe them, and also as far as possible to control them.
Because of the mentioned conservation after death  last lifetime states, probably most of stories about experience of the Human Soul “getting after death or in Heaven, or in Hell” can be considered enough truthful.
But you must also remember about the fact that any one of after-death states is not constant. As already was said, if a particle is influenced by new, more powerful Information, its condition changes. Probably so when the person just has died or is dying to him invite the people who can affect well on the Human Consciousness, remove from it negative memories – loving close familiars and friends, relatives, shamans, priests). Therefore the ritual of absolution, repentance exists – this clears the Soul, and it goes to “free life” – into another world -   clean, devoid of chaining it false (sinful) programs of behavior.
The Human Soul after death in the most measure will gravitate to those Plans that are more strongly influence on it during the life.
After-death existence of the Human “I” is fully determinated by its Karma, its Chronics of Akasha, that Information, which impressed in the particles of the Human Consciousness at the life.
That’s why so useful for our Soul an influence all of higher, that helping us to go out the frameworks of trivial state.
Of course, it does not mean, that contact with the three lowest Plans is harmful. Not in the least.
However you should realize that Physical Plan, Astral and Mental before others begin to participate in constructing of Kingdoms of Nature: the Physical Plan before than the Astral, the Astral before than the Mental, the Mental before than the Buddhic, the Buddhic later than the Atmic. And the Monadic Plan enters in this process after all, because it is saturated by particles Yan more than all others. And the speed of emitting of Ether by particles of this Plan is biggest.

We can say that the lower Plans personified the history of Earth (and not only of Earth, but in general, in oecumenical scales), the history of formation and evolution the life on it. So it’s naturally to suppose, that the low Plans – are carriers of more earlier, more primitive information.

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