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Some concepts in the occult literature have double or sometimes triple meaning. This feature exists, for example, for such terms as "Night and Day of Brahma," "inhalation and exhalation of Brahma", "evolution" and "involution".
The same we can say about such fundamental categories as the "Matter" and the "Spirit".
On the one hand, the Matter - it is a symbol of the Absolute as the indestructible whole, the Space, where the visible Universe just also emerges.
And the Spirit - is the Mental foundation of the Universe, the Mind of Matter, and its changed state.
But however, the particles Yin, absorbing Ether, are called the “Mother”, and the "Spirit" – is Yang particles that emit the Ether.
To explain the reasons for such names is enough easy.
Ether – is the Spirit. In the particles Yin the speed of creation of Ether (of Spirit manifestation) is low, but high rate of its destruction. In the particles Yang the situation is opposite - the rate of creation is high and the rate of destruction is low. It turns out that in the particles Yang the aspect of the Spirit manifests itself strongly, and in the particles Yin - poorly.
That is why usually we call the particles Yang the "Spirit".
While the particles Yin – are "Matter", because the process of destruction of Spirit and returning to the original state dominates in them. It’s the return to the clean Matter, unsullied with the Spirit.
And lastly, we tell you about another meaning of "Matter" and "Spirit".
Conglomerates of the elementary particles of each underlying Plan with respect to the particles of overlying Plans, act as a material principle, i.e. Matter.
At the same time, conglomerates of the particles of overlying Plans with respect to the underlying Plans - it's the spiritual origin - the Spirit.
It’s very easy to explain this fact.
The percentage of the particles with the Fields of Repulsion (Yang) from the lower Plans to the upper gradually increases, and the percentage of the particles with the Fields of Attraction (Yin) reduces.
Thus from the lower levels to the top the value of the Repulsion Fields increases and the magnitude of the Attraction Fields decreases.
As recently mentioned, Yin particles in the occult literature we name the Mother, and particles Yang – the Spirit. It turns out that each overlying Plan with respect to the underlying we should regard as the "Spirit" and the underlying in this case would be for it the "Mother".
Each upper level of any Plan with respect to the lower level of the same Plan - is the "Spirit" and the lower level for it - is the "Matter".
This means that, for example, the Physical Plan for all other Plans - it's the Matter, and all others for it - are the Spirit.
Astral - is the Matter for all Plans except Physical. Mental, the third – is material for the Buddhic, Atmic and Monadic, and for the Physical and Astral - the Spirit.
Buddhic - is the Matter for the Atmic and Monadic, and the Spirit for Mental, Astral and Physical.
Atmic Plan - is the Matter for Monadic, for others it - the Spirit. And finally, the Monadic - is spiritual for all other plans.
The Mineral Kingdom we should consider as the Matter in relation to all the other Kingdoms of Nature.
Representatives of the Vegetable Kingdom - are definitely more spiritual. And all because in the conglomerates of Astral particles which forms the guiding principle of any plant, the percentage of particles Yang is larger and of particles Yin is smaller. And the value of the Fields of Repulsion is higher and of Attraction Fields is less than in the conglomerates of the Physical Plan.
The "Spirit" equates to higher Plans and the "Matter" - to the lower. The "Spirit" refers to the thin, i.e. rarefied substance, and the "Matter" – to the dense. Please note that we attribute these concepts to the substance.
The modern esotericist calls by the Matter the bodies and objects around, as well as his own dense body. But the "Spirit" for him (her) is the substance of "invisible world" not perceived by any of our senses.
In some ways, this view is close to the truth.
The particles with the Fields of Repulsion have the ability to create the sparseness of the substance, because they continuously postpone the surrounding particles by emitting Ether.
At the same time, particles with the Fields of Attraction compact the material because they absorb Ether, which can separate the particles.
Therefore, the substance in the gaseous state we may consider as more "spirit" (ethereal) in comparison with a substance in the solid state, which, in turn, to the gas is more "material".
Though, still, describing the density of matter, the best way to say - "sparse or dense matter" and not spiritual or material. However, every time you meet in the literature the reference to material or spiritual spheres, know that the spiritual areas in this case are those that produce ether, and the material - those that consume it.
In the series of books of Alice Bailey, which has a general name "Treatise on the Seven Rays", the Matter and Spirit just often act from the position of the second and the third of the above meanings.

For example, when the "Esoteric Psychology" says about the mutual influence of the Rays of the Matter, Soul and Spirit, these three concepts we should interpret in terms of the third meaning. The Matter in this case - is the particles of the lowest Plans of human being: the Physical Plan, the Astral and Mental. The Soul – is the conglomerates of the particles of the Buddhic Plan, and the Spirit – of the Atmic and Monadic. The Ray - is the same thing as an elementary particle.

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