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The book of Jasmuheen "The Food of Gods" has greatly contributed to the writing of this article.
Reading introductory chapters I several times met in the text her words that we are facing a choice of how to make our body - emitting or absorbing - energy. These words immediately became the trigger. Because the theme of duality of our world, the universe - one of the central problems in our work. Creators and destroyers, Yin and Yang, Matter and Spirit, mass and energy, etc.
In response to the ideas of Jasmuheen I immediately recalled about the chakras - closed and open. I lit up with a flash of insight. I suddenly realized the reasons for their openness and closeness. The mechanism of this phenomenon appeared before my mind's eye with the utmost clarity. That is what I want to try to convey to you. And also to start a story of what is an Initiation. After all, this issue is directly related to the theme of chakras. Actually, an Initiation is the process of changing the chakras - opening, closing, and the ignition and reorientation, as well as their interaction with each other and with the outside world.
In occultism a number of concepts at the same time has several, little different from each other semantic loads.
This applies to such categories as Matter, Spirit, and Soul.
We also identified the "chakra" with the elementary building block of the universe, putting it on a par with terms such as "atom" and "elementary particle".
In the Universe everything is "as below, so above". Overall we can observe an analogy - both in structure and in development.
A chemical element in its structure is similar to a planet, a planet – to a solar system, the last – to a Galaxy, a Galaxy – to a Super galaxy, and so on, until the rung of the ladder - to the Central Heavenly Body of the Universe.
Because our Universe exists in the form of a great big galaxy.
An atom, an elementary particle - this is a smallest force center, a center of creation. A chemical element – is a bigger force center, which is a cluster of elementary particles.
Any celestial body – is a cluster of chemical elements. All elementary particles, as is known, divided into two main types - absorbing and emitting. Or to absorb energy-information-ether, or emit. Yin or Yang. However, any of them and creates energy, and destroys.
In any conglomerate of particles both types are present. A percentage ratio of types may be any.
Depending on this ratio any conglomerate is either predominantly emitting or absorbing.
The same can be said of any celestial body and just the body in general.
An absorbing planet - is unholy.
An emitting – is sacred.
Absorbing people are normal, emitting are Initiate, Holy.
A chakra - is not only a smallest subatomic particle. It is also a name of a power center as a conglomerate of particles.
Energy “is rotated” in any elementary particle - through time - appears and is destroyed (disappears).
In any conglomerate energy also rotates in a circle - first, because it is composed of particles, and, secondly, because the particles exchange energy with each other - Yin absorb the energy of Yang.
"A chakra" in the mouth of an esotericist symbolizes one of power centers in the human body.
A power center in this case - is a symbol of subtle bodies that encircle the dense physical body. Ethereal, astral, mental, buddhic bodies – all these are the thin bodies of human. The chakras.
These subtle bodies also consist of particles. The areas in the human aura, where is the greatest concentration of these particles, the practicing esotericist who feeling and seeing them just calls them as the chakras - centers of power.
That's what a chakra from the point of view of a practicing occultist.
But it will not be wrong to call as chakras subtle bodies of human. At the very least, any power center - is a direct expression of any Plan or Sub-Plan.
And here we just come to the theme of open and closed chakras – to their reasons for opening and closing.
Opening and closing of chakras are directly connected with the level of a human holiness.
A Holiness of human is determined by measure of energetic saturation. Then more it is saturated, the more it is holy. And it’s nothing else.
The more energy per unit of time it is "produced" in the body, including the subtle bodies, not just the physical, and then more holy, more energy-saturated the person is. A Holiness, an Initiation - it's just that. Moreover, the higher is the Plan, the more energy its particles produce per unit of time. Therefore, the thinner, higher Plans become the part of the human body, the more holy, and more spiritual, more energetic it becomes.
The ratio of particles Yin and Yang within the same plan in the body too can change. If absorbing particles, Yin are predominated - they does not add holiness. Quite the contrary – they reduce the level of energy. This is the darkness.
If the number of particles Yang becomes more and more - in each of the subtle bodies - and it is compared with the number of Yin - then this is the Sanctity.
In that is precisely the whole secret of Initiation.
That way going from the Initiation to the Initiation, a person adds to the bodies more particles Yang. Ideally the number of Yin should be equal to the Yang number. Then amount of emitted energy is exactly equaled to amount of absorbed. And the man becomes the God. Because in the body of our Creator, the Universe, there are equally of Yin and Yang, how much energy is emitted, so much is absorbed. It's the perfect balance, allowing the universe to remain in equilibrium.
 And precisely in this the mystery of love is. God is love. You can often hear these words. But what's behind them?
It’s an absolute harmony. Love in the ideal - is to absorb as much as to give. Then there is no excess or deficiency. Everything is constantly refilled. No one is hurt. And this is the mystery of the Second Ray.
The second Ray is yellow particles. In the three low plans they absorb energy, but less than blue. And in the top three - emit, but less than red. Summary, across the Universe, exactly yellow, the Second Ray, are ideally harmonized. Not blue, and not red.
In unholy man there are dominated particles that absorb energy - blue and yellow.
We say otherwise - the particles of lower part of spectrum are dominated. It’s in all bodies - not only in dense. Because of this these bodies-shells of the human are absorbing of energy and not emitting - or at least they would be in balance.
The human body does not have enough energy produced by its. And it has to take the outer. To warm up by the fire - we can say literally and figuratively. To absorb energy from the surrounding sources.
Because of this the body turns into a kind of point for external energy. But energy - it is an information. Always. So you can imagine - how much extraneous information a human has to pass through him (her). Any - positive, negative.
Trying to make your life less like carousel of information, the person starts to limit the contacts with the outside world, making them elective. In order to absorb only the energy that he (she) likes and is familiar. He deliberately closes his chakras, for fear of falling into the body of unnecessary energy.
When a person goes through the series of Initiations, he (she) begins to produce more energy through him (her-)self. His life becomes more stable. If before any external could influence on his life, whip from the way, then now he becomes the competent member of life melodrama. He (she) try an influence, but make an impact on the surround. His chakras are opened. He (she) consciously opens them to the world to communicate with it, because he (she) no more fears it.
This consists all sense of concepts “opened chakras and closed”. A closed chakra – it’s a chakra not tuned up to the receiving of external information, more precisely, turned up to the receiving of selective information.
In what follows a person tries to attune the organism by such way that communicate with external world with the help only one chakra – seventh, complex. This chakra – is a Single Eye of the body.
“If thine eye be Single, thy whole body shall be full of light” – such the ancient wisdom, embodied in the book of Alice Bailey “Feats of Heracles”.
This Single chakra – it’s the body of seventh, Logoic Plan. Body of the higher Plan – Monadic – overshadows head of person, where under it (under this higher body) is the shell of the Atmic Plan, and all other four – Buddhic, Mental, Astral and Physical. This higher, complex body reports to all organism energy impulses, and for its turn receives reciprocal ones.
It means that seventh chakra becomes the guiding principle of person. At him all chakras stop to dominate, except the seventh. If before this at person all chakras could react on external environment individually – in him – cordial, or guttural, or solar plexus, or the others, then now the contact with the world is determined by only one chakra.  
 Others are subordinated to it and listen to it. Its energy impulses for them – are the most important. It doesn’t mean that body stops to exchange with outward things by particles, by energy (ether) with the help of these chakras.  
No, the chakras are active and “burn” as before. Only with the difference that now all perceiving and all reporting to the world energy-information they compare with a higher template – with information stored in the seventh chakra. A person becomes show by himself a single whole – none discord. This is a single perfect being. In this is all meaning of the evolution, all meaning of development of our Universe – a creating of such perfect beings, Mahatmas. At the same time lower chakras all also active.
However now they first of all respond on information that comes from the seventh chakra. The lower chakras become the channels connecting Spirit and Matter. They don’t guide by the body themselves.
The books of Alice Bailey are devoted exactly to this question.
The Spirit is immersing into the Matter – the higher Plans connect with lower. It’s the involution. This leads to the energetization of a person, to the evolution, Ascension, Salvation, Easter. And the Matter – i.e. organism – overcomes gravitation and propensity to material – and rises to the Sky. In the organism there are equally Yin and Yan, Matter and Spirit.
From the Initiation to the initiation organism accept into itself all more and higher Plans, and learn to interact with them. When the bodies of the higher Plans only overshadow the head, weakly penetrate, they can’t full-scale cooperate with the bodies of the lower Plans in the organism.  When an energy-saturated body of higher Plans penetrates the head deeply the most wonderful and unique begins.
The transfiguration of consciousness begins, and then of the whole organism. The low chakras of organism were active before this, but the higher were not. And during of the penetrating the high Consciousness more and deeper inside the head, the low chakras cease to dominate, and, the higher, opposite, become the leading. Till they become the driven too – except one of them – seventh – Single Eye – Sahasrara.
Such is the common schema and the general plan, and common direction of development of any organism.
And there is a little more information about chakras.
Closed and opened chakras.
When clairvoyant looks at the person he (she) sees the energy centers (chakras) as flowers of life. Or closed buds – are dark, dim and little-active, or – bright flowers – are burn like the Sun. The first ones he will describe as closed chakras, the second will name the opened. Their openness or closeness – it’s not a figurative expression. It’s their real energy state.
When into composition of thin shell forming that or other chakra, enter more and more particles Yan (emitting energy-ether), from what their number equates with the number of particles Yin (absorbing ether), the chakra is opened.
What does it mean?
This means that the energy center is opening to the external world. The chakra begins to exchange energy with surrounding bodies. If there are little of particles Yang, energy is produced a little. It’s enough only for circulation within own energy center.  All this little quality of energy is absorbed the chakra by itself, its particles Yin. The power of ether flow is not enough to full-scale communicate with outwards things.
A chakra – is the central area of any thin shells constitutive the body, is this a man or an animal, a plant or a mineral. Or a superhuman. A chakra – is the heart of this thin body-shell. But borders of thin body don’t coincide with the borders of  the chakra. They stretch much farther. Borders of thin bodies are rather amorphous and changeable. For example when the person learns to attention, concentration, memorization, or becomes proficient in any other intellectual function, he actually is trained to operate with his mental body. He learns to modify its form. With its help he gets information from the outward things.  Any of thin bodies-shells is able to exchange energy-information with surroundings.
Communication is carried out such way.
A thin body forms from itself the channel of communication, or can say a “tongue of communication”.  Tongue as a protuberance. Like at the Sun. That one, that can “lick” studied body and divide with it information. A thin shell pours over the researched body or environment by its energy. This energy flux in accordance with physical laws forces out the same or almost the same portion of energy-ether from this body.
This is “exchange of information”.  Not fictitious, figurative, but real, literal.
So and it is happening the communication on all levels, at any Plan, at any chakra, at any body.
But this is not an only existing mechanism of exchanging by energy.
Every body accumulates in its chemical elements the solar particles (photons).  When photon is in the body, it records information about this body, and temporary becomes as if its integral part. So if such photon gets into another place – flies through or attracts – it “tell” about that body where it has come from.
Because except of exchange by energy-ether fluxes directly, bodies also can give to each other the portions of free particles – photons, “charged” with information. Can name this method by electromagnetic.
Here so the chakras and communicates with the outward things – energy or particles (they also transmit an energy).
Than more of energy one or another thin body produces, i.e. the more in it there are the particles Yang, then on more distance it could “reach” with its energy language. And then more long will prolongs inertial moving of emitted free particles. After all only inertial moving of particles Yan can last forever.
Here and is all secret. More energy chakra is more open, it more intensively communicates with the world.

If there is little of energy, the chakra is closed. Its energy there is barely enough for circulation within itself and the body of organism.

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